normal but special 6:55pm, 23 April 2008
Hello all :)

I just joined the group and have spent a little time her getting a feel for it and also popped over to

Very informative here and also there. .so I will be back on a regular basis to learn.

I have been asked to take some photo's for money by someone I took a street shot of.

I use a Canon 400D and only have kit lense at the moment. I may hire an extra lense to shoot them (but not sure yet).

I will most probably be taking the photo's on street locations and maybe indoors also.

My Q is, what should I charge as I have not got a clue? How should it be finally presented ( already kind of have some ideas for this) and does anyone have any other advice to offer?

Much appreciated
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
What kind of assignment is it? That really determines price point most importantly.
gigantic rock [deleted] 10 years ago
Any updates on this?

I'd aim perhaps for an hourly rate that will earn you money for your time, while covering the expenses involved in hiring the equipment.

Don't sell yourself short and be confident and firm. Hiring a person whose day job it is to do the work would cost them much more that you're likely to charge.
SincereImagePhoto 10 years ago
I also would have them sign a model release form, that way you can use their photos in your portfolio and other applications without having to ask. I know some people feel that because they have been hired this is a given but people have a right to expect their pictures to be kept private. Just a little CYA.
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