I have just agreed to shoot an evening wedding at South Padre Island. Both the ceremony and reception will be at the beach, and it will run late.

Now I have only shot at the beach during sunset, and have not done any real night portraits. I doubt there are any city lights - so I am guessing lighting is going to be my biggest issue after sunset.

With such an important event like this, how should I approach this?

I have a shoot through umbrella, reflecting umbrella, 4 SB-600's.

Thank you all in advance.
revonthego 10 years ago
What kind of coverage are your clients expecting, esp. after dark? Will there be ANY lighting. It could get darker than a cave on a beach.

I also would look at the site beforehand if possible and chart out some the shots and strobe placements.

My guess is the shoot-thru may not be much help on a dark beach unless there will be set shots or closeups..
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