revonthego 5:32pm, 8 April 2008
On-camera flash lighting usually presents certain problems: it's flat, it's harsh, it's cool, reflections, etc.

There are many tips and inexpensive ways you can diffuse on-camera flash lighting. What are ways you do it?

I use several layers of removable tape and carry a roll with me.
e.celesti 10 years ago
I sometimes use a foam board about 20x30 cm size and 1 cm thick... it softens the shadows quite effectively. A little bulky to carry around though.
poppaJ 10 years ago
when I'm using a speedlight on camera I use a LumiQuest large softbox, bounce the flash off ceiling or walls.
Shrink1061 10 years ago
simplest way to do it... is to fold a box out of plain white paper, and just put it over your flash when you use it... should diffuse it nicely
A quick test I did yesterday.

Nikon D300 & SB-800 Speedlight Flash Diffusion Test
reekon 10 years ago
I bought a pack of Rosco gels for 1 cent and inside among the 200 plus gels you get to fit your flash there is two or three gels used for difussion

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