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rosalee3 10:26pm, 7 April 2008
Can anyone tell me what aspect ratio is, I have a choice between 4:3, 3:2, and 16:9. which is the best for my Panasonic dmc-tz2. I don't understand camera lingo. Thanks so much.
A typical compact camera will have an aspect ration of 4:3 and a typical SLR will have an aspect ratio of 3:2.
rosalee3 10 years ago
Thank you, I have mine on 4:3. I guess I'll leave it there.
gigantic rock [deleted] 10 years ago
4:3 is a standard TV screen ratio..

3:2 is close to a 35mm negative ratio.

16:9 is wide screen ratio.

What do you plan on doing with your shots? For printing with minimal cropping on the original photo I use 3:2.

16:9 is good for panoramas as it compresses the view while 4:3 is a good start for image editing such as cropping to a new size.
rosalee3 10 years ago
The thing is I don't understand camera lingo yet. This is why I joined this group. Is there a setting I can use for most photography? Another question, the shutter I have is on 1/4, is that alright?
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