Arch Angel..' 1:26pm, 2 April 2008
im kinda new here.. i just want your comments on some of my pictures,
i now have a Samsung S630, and @ the end of the month a Canon Eos 350D.. please help me improve my shots :)

Wind Me Up


Droplets on Grass

SincereImagePhoto 10 years ago
On the first two the DOF is very small, keeps the back ground to a minimum and really focuses in on the subject but at the same time the focus falls off very quickly. I would lower your aperture just a little so more of your subject is in focus while maintaining the soft focus on the back ground. Hope that helps.
Black English 10 years ago
What is it you want to improve? I personally like the dof of these. Maybe put a hot girl next to them???
cybrspin 10 years ago
These are nice. I like them myself. Maybe a little more focus could make them stand out even more.
Black English 10 years ago
You could try going to F4.9 for your aperture to increase the area in focus.
Bo Eder 10 years ago
This subject opens up alot of doors here. I think you have two options: if you like what you're shooting, then you're done. If you want others to like what you're shooting, you're probably still done.

Unfortunately, photography falls under that "art" category and really, what is art? If I like it enough to buy it and hang it on my wall, does that mean it's no longer art if the next person hates it and wonders what the heck you were thinking?

If you approach your photography in the mindset of a business, then you will be striving to give clients what they want: the perfect portrait, the perfect wedding album, etc.,...which is less about knowing what to do technically, but what to do to recreate it 100% of the time. Which means you will have done everything you can to technically learn what to do to get a great exposure already.

The mindset of operating the camera, once learned, can be applied over and over. It's all about aperture and shutter control, and focus - which is really all you have control over. The mindset of actually seeing things that are unique and interesting to look at (without a half-naked female as your subject) is the difficult part - and the one that no one can ever come to an agreement on.

But there's probably no shortage of females out there willing to pose ;)

I think your two shots on display here are interesting. They look like the kinds of images they would put in picture frames when you buy them at the store. Somebody out there will think you're the second coming of Richard Avedon and seek out your unique talent of what you see. You're off to a great start either way. Just gotta keep plugging away and doing - and try not to waste too much of your time lurking around flickr when you should be out shooting instead!
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