maidenvt 2:20am, 30 March 2008
I have a really hard time seeing the LCD screen when it is bright out. Sometimes I wonder how I get a picture at all since I can barely see what I've framed. Does anyone have any tips on ways to make the screen more visible in bright sun? Polorized sunglasses....? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks.
Tony Vargas Photography - McAllen, Texas Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Tony Vargas Photography - McAllen, Texas (member) 10 years ago

I am not sure if you are speaking about reviewing your photo on the LCD screen, or using your LCD screen as the view finder (tripod mode).

Assuming you are using it to review your photos, there are various accessories sold for different eye pieces and bills (like the bill of a baseball cap) that cover the top of your lcd screen. has these products tailored to your camera.

Secondly, you can also go into your menu settings and change the brightness of the screen.

But my prefered method of lcd viewing in the sun is the Wrist Method. Use you hand to cover the screen - blocking the sun. Much more versitile and durable than other hardware.

Now if you are using your camera in tripod mode in high noon... stop, and use the eye piece.
foregoing cactus [deleted] 10 years ago
Various compact cameras have flip out LCD screens. My little Canon A610 has this feature and as well as being great for composing or reviewing shots in bright light its also great for getting shots at weird angles like over-head shots or low down ones.

My Nikon D80 sadly does'nt have this feature but a number of DSLRs do and it's increasingly common for those equipped with "Live View".
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