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PatriciaPix PRO 7:53am, 28 March 2008
I read yesterday that Adobe has launched Photoshop Express, a new, free Web-based application that allows you to edit photos in a Web browser. It's in beta form right now. I haven't tried it out yet, but wanted to pass this on. I read that it's a bit funky if used in Flock, but works well in other browsers such as Safari and Firefox. I also read that it will only work on Flash 9 and that it has ties to social networking sites such as Facebook. Enjoy!
matt_cinque 10 years ago
if you read the terms of service, using the free photoshop basically hands all the image rights over to adobe, which means they can take your photo and sell it if they want to :S
This is a beta program that runs on the web. Even with a high speed connection it is very slow and has only a few of the many applications that come with Photoshop. It is more like a Lite Photoshop Elements. It isn't bad, but just be aware that it is still a beta product.
Bryan Villarin 10 years ago
Thanks for pointing this out. This *should* be a huge flag.

I think.
Bryan Villarin 10 years ago
Ooh, more information -- see "A note about PS Express terms of use" by John Nack on Adobe
PatriciaPix PRO 10 years ago
Yes, raddad, as I indicated in my initial posting, it's in beta form and it's Web-based. This program doesn't help me, because I already have and use Photoshop Elements. But I thought those who do not have any Photoshop programs might want to try it out. It is indeed a very basic program.
mikemann05 10 years ago
If you're looking for cheap/free and good you might want to try a program called Gimp. It was designed to be used on Linux flavored computers but they have come out with a windows version as well. 10 years ago
An addition to Gimp, they make a front end called Gimpshop that renames and situates the tools to be darned close to the names and layout of Photoshop. So, if you plan on getting Photoshop down the road this should really help flatten out that learning curve.
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