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For your perusal and comments, if you don't mind :-)

Shadow becomes White Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Shadow becomes White (member) 10 years ago
I am relatively new in photography - so I maybe wrong. Here are a couple of things:
(1) A teacher once told me that shooting anything white is really hard and I agree - cause it's very difficult to see the texture. I see the texture on duck's head and the centre of the long neck (VERY GOOD!) but everything else on the right side is washed out. You probably couldn't help it from the angle you were standing but maybe switching to a slightly lower exposure may have helped. A Circular polarizer is definitely useful in such a situation as you were standing 90degrees to incident light.
(2) From what I've read the the eyes of the animal/person should be the point of sharpest focus. For that you'd need to position yourself further square.
(3) The shadow on the left has a bluish tone and not just grey - interesting.
(4) With Adobe Lightroom, you can easily selectively increase the yellow and orange saturation on the beak - that would make it awesome!

But that's just me - everyone has their own taste!

Good job getting a photo on here. The white of the duck runs into the white of the web page that hurts my eyes. Perhaps consider a small border on your pictures when a color runs off the page.

To comment specifically on this picture, I would get the camera lower - eye level or even lower. Remember to do this with animals and especially children. You will get the powerful effect that you are trying to get.

Pay attention to what time you shoot out doors and to where the sun is comming from. Tthe sun seems pretty hard on your subject.

Do you have a photo manipulation software to balance out the curves? Was any post-processing done on the picture?
lordspudz 10 years ago
Thanks for your constructive and helpful comments. I can see where I could have improved the shot and will bear your advice in mind.
I have Adobe Lightroom and have only tweaked contrast and somehow managed to darken the background (can't remember how).
I also have Photoshop and will have a go at processing with curves.
Thanks again.
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