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lordspudz 8:57pm, 26 March 2008
There are some fantastic photos here, congratulations to everyone. I hope I can produce shots half as good.
I've posted a photo, don't know how to attach it to this post, maybe some of you give your views of it. Any criticism would be much appreciated.
Denise ~*~ 10 years ago
If you would like to phost on a mission or topic, click on the picture you want, go to all sizes, choose medium, right click on the code below the pic, and choose COPY. Then you can post your photo where you like by right clicking and choosing PASTE.

I think that should help. I'm new to photography, and an amateur but I will be glad to pop on over to your stream.
Tony Vargas Photography - McAllen, Texas Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Tony Vargas Photography - McAllen, Texas (member) 10 years ago
Lordspudz. You have some pretty good pictures on your photostream and a good eye for photography- just need to polish it up. You have so many kinds of pictures, that it is hard to start offering criticism. Follow Denise C's directions, and post a picture so we can analyze it more for you.

However, in general - I would like to see more concentration on flash techniques. At the church, you had some ok pictures that would have been great if you opened up those shadows and diffused your hard light. But I will get more into that once you put a picture up.
lordspudz 10 years ago
Thank Denise and mrvargas. I feel I reached that stage where I need to stop 'snapping' away and learn the finer points needed to polish up my photos. I'll post another using Denise C's instructions.
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