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brianherradura 12:07pm, 26 March 2008
Hi, I just want to show the very first photo I took that impressed most of the people that saw it which I considered a tap on the back.

This shot was taken in the University of the Philippines. She sells finger foods such as Banana-Q, Turon and Karyoka (sorry these are all excellent Filipino foods) which she does by roaming around the campus with the products on her head for everyone to see.

tindera (Medium)
(101 to 188 of 188 replies)
kellyandchet PRO 9 years ago
Kyson and Gramps

I love this picture because it shows how much my husband and our grandson Love each other.
flagrant power [deleted] 9 years ago
I love spending time alone with my boy at the park, shooting his expressions. It's not the sharpest picture (D100 on an 18-200VR), but it's fun.
Mayur Kotlikar 9 years ago
My kid

My kids photo. I dont know how many times I have seen it and just happy to see him look that happy.
FotosbySylvia 9 years ago
I would have to say this picture of my niece. It was my first DSLR and my first picture I took with it. I was a confirmed film user 35mm was the only thing I knew and loved, but now, I can't see going back.
Summer Time
ryantron. PRO 9 years ago

Not my most technically sound shot, but I love it on a "holy shit! right place at the right time" level.
Fire_Girl_56 9 years ago
Definitely this one...first still life that actually came out great instead of halfway decent.

humma1 9 years ago
I love the expresion on my daughters face in this shot
St Paul Paul 9 years ago
"Proudest" is different for me from "favorite," because to me my proudest shot is the one where I ended up with something kind of cool and memorable but to get it I had to be really on the ball.

With that in mind, this is my proudest photo. I was standing under the tree that you can see talking with friends during a photo walk when suddenly the geese flew overhead. None of the other photographers reacted, but I instantly craned backwards and took a rapid series of photos. And got this! :-)

The Lost Canuck Photography by Cody Kapcsos Posted 9 years ago. Edited by The Lost Canuck Photography by Cody Kapcsos (member) 9 years ago
I like this one because of the textures.

Kolody homestead by The Lost Canuck Photography by Cody Kapcsos
ohkpet 9 years ago
Project 366-1  ~51~  2.27.09
This is my son. I stopped by to visit him at work one day and talked him into coming out so I could take his picture. It was spur of the moment and I saw these railroad tracks and told him to sit down on them. This is the result.
Raggedy Anne. 9 years ago
i took this photo on the spur of the moment, i didnt know if it would work as the small wood was fairly dark, and was pleasnatly surprised with the utcome. the bride loved it so much she has ordered a 20 x 30 inch canvas from it.
Vicky, Luke & Laura
Gwoolie 9 years ago
Cant make the choice from two current faves

This one..........

Or this One?.....................

Capture Me Imagery PRO 9 years ago
I have many many favorites but this one is my most recent being last Monday May 11,09.

DSC_0033 by Capture Me Imagery
randomike 9 years ago
I'm a newbie and I usually have difficulty getting sunset exposures to show up the way I want them to. This is the first shot where I think I actually managed to get the exact exposure I wanted (and thankfully, it only took one try). I would say this is currently my favorite photo, because it represents a hurdle I've overcome, and something new that I've learned.

Tree of Life by randomike
Nughul 9 years ago
I'm still new in photography.. to get the best shot that i'm proud of.. its kinda 1 of of hundreds shot.. but this photo below is my fav.. as i love black n white photos and for me its meaningful..

My Way by Nughul
Ben Coope 9 years ago
This one has to be my current favorite, but i think it changes every week.

Titimo Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Titimo (member) 9 years ago
het Werregarenstraatje

old one though
R.G.Harris 9 years ago
One of my latest fav's

Old steel fence
Just Another Wretch 9 years ago
Fun With Sparkling Water by Just Another Wretch
birdie.pruett 9 years ago
I love you....
Kevin Tataryn PRO 9 years ago
Not my best shot technically (noisy and a touch soft), but I think this shot makes a good impact on most who see it.

Notre Dame Basilica
rje3000 9 years ago
This one - which was just a snap before I got the SLR...

This, because I'm not usually satisfied with my colour shots (preferring B/W)...

shaky bear [deleted] 9 years ago
Most likely this one, which was taken in the daytime looking through sun glasses.

Or this one because both were on accident:)
only two sides of a complex creature known as Wolf
crwelling PRO 9 years ago
Obama B&W (Ft. Collins, Colorado on 10/26/2008)
n0reng 9 years ago
This was my chosen one of 2008, taken with my Lumix, before I went Nikon SLR.

If you know what your best photo of 2008 was, I hope you would like to consider adding it to my group There can be only one - 2008. There's nothing there yet, just this one photo from myself, so it would be great if anyone added their favourites of last year.

Little forest girl
damaging cook [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by damaging cook (member) 9 years ago
naql PRO 9 years ago
This is one of my favorites:
I can't take all the credit for it though because it was shot with a camera that is autoexposure only.
Jason Wighton PRO 9 years ago
Took this shot in Toronto about a month after I got my first DSLR earlier this year. I can't pick an absolute favorite, but it's up there. Tons of great shots in this thread, keep up the great work everyone!

Kensington Market
Jeanene M. 9 years ago
Let's see...my proudest...well, this is my latest favorite...


I am really enjoying viewing everyones work! Thanks to all for sharing!
ryanharding89 9 years ago
Can't decide between the following three.

This one:

Perhaps Vampires Is a Bit Strong But...


Stillness in Time

Or this one:

Fools Gold
JeahFree 9 years ago
This is the first one that quickly got a lot of attention:

The Man In The Mirror
Daniel Quarg PRO 9 years ago
hmmm, maybe:

fix me!
cupajava32 9 years ago
JanBlazekStudio 9 years ago
it is old but my best shot. by JanBlazekStudio
This is one of my favorite photo, she is my little angel...........
anna-scott 9 years ago
my first and best self portrait. :-)

Misty DawnS Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Misty DawnS (member) 9 years ago
I actually have two, and ironically, they both involve raccoons (hmmmm). I just got this photo earlier this month. (p.s. I'm really excited to find this group!)
Three Amigos

Or this one I took a few months ago...
Gone Fishin'
Stink Bone Jones 9 years ago
This was really in the beginning of my journey into photography and still my favorite. This is my son and his first time ever on train tracks.

christiantroymyfirsttexture copy
z3ro1 9 years ago
This is one of my own faves.

Indiana War Memorial‎
second wren [deleted] 9 years ago
Amazing photography in this thread. All of them have something alluring and inviting about them.

Here is my contribution. I love this because I planned it and it worked. It was a studio shot.

Kat in Green
Len Langevin PRO 9 years ago
What a great collection of art in this thread!

The question is a difficult one to answer...it's almost like trying to pick your favorite child....

Although this pic is far from perfect, I'm pretty proud of it because it was my first attempt at this kind of shot...

pe.bigg 9 years ago
Farm In Frame
Chris Giuliano Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Chris Giuliano (member) 9 years ago
I love this one, and I still can't believe that I took it! :D

Pepsi on Ice

chrisgphoto.wordpress.com/ = MY BLOG
twitter.com/Giulianophoto = MY TWITTWER

steep plastic [deleted] 9 years ago
Since I'm a starter in photography, I chose this one as my favorite...

mystical candles
Tallsalt Photography 9 years ago
Shrink1061 9 years ago
such a hard question... to pick a shot im most proud of... I'm really not sure. I find it hard to choose between these two:

This one, for being in the right place at the right time:

Sunset on the plain

and this one, because it took about an hour to set up, used off camera flash, and it was perfect on the first shot:

City Life
Jrice3456 9 years ago
Canon EF pupil Lens
{ms.fish} 9 years ago
Pic-1 by {ms.fish}
bfxu 9 years ago

Santorini - Thyra
nickrobin 9 years ago
this isn't really anything special, and i'm not that proud of it but if I had to pick one from my photostream this would be it
K. M. Mobin 9 years ago
Silence by K. M. Mobin
leeher2007 9 years ago
the divide by leeher2007

i really enjoy shooting at night and the city always provides great shots..

i am still sooo new to photography... and am learning everytime i press that shutter button... everyone here has great pictures..
p611938 9 years ago
I lucked out taking this one, everybody loves it so far. A few from the same shooting session are close but this one tops them.

Tiny Butt Cheeks 9 years ago
Currently this shot has made me very proud.

humma1 9 years ago
this shot taken out my kitchen window.I watch this dog all winter.
Photos by Jaclyn 9 years ago
 by Photos by Jaclyn

I think this picture sums up why I love photography perfectly. This was taken at the Los Angeles Arboretum in Arcadia, CA.
leeher2007 8 years ago
i posted a pic 5 months ago but i have a new camera now and a new favorite too.. :)

happy shooting everyone..

isolation by leeher2007
K. M. Mobin 8 years ago
currently this 1 is my favourite..

Life and River
Geoffsnapped 8 years ago
I loved the color of this lilly.

Red Lilly
Shawn Hoke PRO 8 years ago
I took this one a couple of weeks ago and I really love it.

Kate on Bench, Brooklyn Bridge Park
I really like the perspective of this photo.
Monarch Tree 8 years ago
This is one of my favorites:

Another Allium by Monarch Tree
noah robinson 95 8 years ago
Cherubs by noah robinson 95

This was in toronto on Wards Island. I just think it is a very interesting mailbox.
bmorrisdafydd 8 years ago
My favourite one of mine (and the most popular one too!) :

Dry Stone Wall
Mammahmia 7 years ago
I think I'm most proud of this one
NOWPOCALIPSE 039 by Mammahmia
Ant_Man1120 PRO 7 years ago
My proudest photo is definitely a recent one, just luckily turned out really great

Coffee Bean? Something from a palm tree actually...
Sandee4242 PRO 7 years ago
Oh, my! Everyone has posted such lovely photos! Here is one I'm really proud of.

Blowin' in the wind
AR14920251 7 years ago
Awesome photos everyone...

This is one of my best. I say one of... Cant really choose a 'best picture'.
I took this from a small boat. My hand was inside water here and it was only a few mm from wetting the camera. Phew!

From Lafayette Cemetery 1

Took this one a while back. It is still my favorite.
blue-eyed grip [deleted] 7 years ago

Not my most well received photograph but the composition, the lighting the scenery and how there seems to be a story with the subject..I'm just incredibly proud of it

however flickr users would disagree
vivians photos 7 years ago
I have to many of my favorites. Most of my favorites are animals posing or that surprise photo. Finding something you did not see or getting an animal to pose naturally without you doing anything makes it a special photo in my book.

Jason P-B 7 years ago
One of my more favourite shots as of late. Some of my first 'proper' attempts at landscape photography. A lot more to learn!
Helsinki harbour
piquant cushion [deleted] 7 years ago
This could very well be my ultimate favorite shot :)
KevHaseldine Posted 7 years ago. Edited by KevHaseldine (member) 7 years ago
I think this is mine so far - finally learnt how to play with more than one exposure. any constructive comments please let me know!

Corn fields at Embsay v2
frequent bead [deleted] 7 years ago
rose mountain by frequent bead
kauonetwo 7 years ago
Not the proudest shot, but it moves me.
Mariah Wilson 7 years ago
Jessica and PJ =]
Uncle Berty Posted 6 years ago. Edited by Uncle Berty (member) 6 years ago
It's hard to pick as my favourite changes everyday.. but I guess.. at the moment it has to be this...

Little Tree
little tree
pass_lake PRO 6 years ago
foggy island
cortezopperman 6 years ago
I know it's pretty simple, but I like the colours.
Autumn leaf
Also, amazing work everyone, I just spent ages simply looking through all of these. They're all amazing.
BustHead 6 years ago
I can't decide between these two, but this are my favorite ones:

Kein Ausweg

Sonne hinter Beton
tightfisted cover [deleted] Posted 6 years ago. Edited by tightfisted cover (member) 6 years ago
I'm proud of all my shots. However, this particular one has given me some of the best compliments to date:
20121027 091204
Lone Wanderer_1987 6 years ago
The moth

It was such a perfect moment, very emotional.
LukeMorgan 5 years ago
This shot is definitely my most proud, was the first time I had used external flash and despite being just an easy trick, we lost the sunset before trying anything harder. Taken mid 2012.

Jamie Ly - Ollie by LukeMorgan
juliedemeyere 5 years ago
Tigerous by juliedemeyere
umeshunnithan 4 years ago
Mine was
Sunset Barnward by umeshunnithan
theDSN 4 years ago
my first photo ever
2013-04-21 16.55.14
_NMcC_ 3 years ago
I like this one personally.
''light speed''/''Matrix Forest'' by _NMcC_
paologmb PRO 3 years ago
moving people-03
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