raddad! aka Randy Knauf PRO 1:27am, 23 March 2008
Here is a picture that I took into Photoshop for a little tweaking. Please tell me if you think I went too far.

Big Red
RickAbbott 10 years ago
This is a pretty good shot. I'm not a fan of frames, though. But I like what you've got here.
Damien Franco PRO 10 years ago
I'm gonna agree with rickaboo. I like the image as far as composition and aesthetics go. The treatment looks really good. I'm not a real big fan of vignettes as frames. I've always felt that vignettes are best when you don't notice them as much.
I was on a boat in the channel when I shot this and I thought at the time that I should try to make the photo look as though I was looking through the window at the light house. I also had an image in my mind of an old style picture, so those are the treatments I went for. I might have gone a little too far, so that is why I'm looking for opinions. Thanks for the input.
Ross_Goodman PRO 10 years ago
I like the sepia effect, it suits the subject.

Maybe if you had only a vignette and not a black fame too.....
Here is the original:

Original Big Red
PatriciaPix PRO 10 years ago
Randy, I love the mood you've created here. The old-time feel, the sepia and the texture. It's interesting to see your original, because I think you've improved on it with your Photoshop work. Well done!
im not so big on that kind of fram but i do think it works with this pic, and its so much better then the original i think too.
bybridges PRO 10 years ago
Couple of things:

1. I agree with cognitive state of mind on the vignette opinion. Not so much vignette, and not a vignette and a frame if the vignette is that strong.

2. I like the sepia treatment, but just like the original, it is a bit flat. After blowing it up, I can see you used some sort of artistic filter on the image, as a personal preference, I wouldn't.

3. With the sepia setting the mood, and the nature of the subject I would take it "old timey", add some grain/noise, or some ttv dust or texture.

To answer your question - you didn't do TOO much, but you did do too much. If that is fair. lol
Kamikaze you are correct about the Photoshop filtering. This image has gone through several transitions, as you can tell by looking at the original above. Below is the middle area of these transitions. I did apply a photoshop artistic filter, watercoloring. But I only did this after changing the skyline. I masked a sunset skyline from a different image to ad a little drama to the photo before doing the water coloring. I also corrected the bad framing that was angeled down word.

Here is the image before I added the vignette and sepia to it:
Holland - Big Red
Pixaloo 10 years ago
I really like the shot and the Sepia... But I think the Frame takes away from the picture.
Thank you everyone for your contributions to this discussion. I think I can conclude that I should use fewer frames, but keep on experimenting with the conversions.
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