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Damien Franco PRO 4:58am, 21 March 2008
Thank you for stopping by. Please take a moment to introduce yourself to the group.
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◄Susana► 9 years ago
Thank you for the invitation to join this group. I am a beginner hobbyist, and I don't know how much I will be able to contribute on here, but at least I might have questions. I studied photography in high school, as so many on Flickr have done. Somehow, all the knowledge about darkroom techniques, composition, exposure, etc kind of evaporated with the years, but the interest remained. I think I have a good eye to spot something beautiful that someone else has done, but at the moment I lack the knowledge to execute such things, and often struggle with just composition and inspiration. I would love to do portrait photography but that's something I have to work towards.
inconclusive wilderness [deleted] 9 years ago
Thank you for the invitation.
For those are interested to read about me it's in my profile.
My best regards to all.
Jhawk 9 years ago
Hi guys. Thanks for the group invite.

My name is Jen and I live in Houston, Texas. I love photography and am trying to branch out and make it at least a viable part time gig. I have my first family shoot this weekend in the park and am a little nervous! Wish me luck! :)
Pixtop 9 years ago
Marvel here. A photo enthusiast and an amateur photographer. I'm hoping this hobby will turn to a career.
_W1CKeD_ Posted 9 years ago. Edited by _W1CKeD_ (member) 9 years ago
Hello every1 , Thanks fr the invitation am glad to be a part of the group.

My name is Ahmed, im very innovative & creative i like creating nd implementing my own ideas,Photography is an ART and im deeply involved in it, its hard to live life without holdin a Cam in my hand :-) , im busy with exams nowdays so my uploads are nt on a massive scale. I luv MACRO`s nd its my fav!! and my bro is my inspiration and hez the reason im into photography i give all credit to him =) , i hope to get better n better till i become a pro, i have a Sony H10 currently and im gettin better day by day =)
sweet measure [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm Bob from Nottingham in the UK
I am a keen amateur / would-be free lance photographer and enjoy photography to a near obsession level.

I love photographing people but also like to keep my eyes open for anything that makes a pleasing image for others to enjoy.

Thanks for the group invite.
wmsmurray PRO 9 years ago
Thank you for the invite. I look forward to participating.

Hello all. My name is Bill and I am an amateur photographer. My main camera is a Nikon SLR (old school film) and I just got a Canon Elph SD1100 and am learning the ins and outs of digital photography.
WorldWideWiersma 9 years ago
I am Mark from the Netherlands. Nice to meet you all.
MacGeekGrl PRO 9 years ago

Thanks for the invite!!

I'm Melissa, from the Bronx, NY. I'm an amateur photographer, but it's my passion. I shoot mainly with a Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xti, but I also use a Canon PowerShot S5 IS. I also have a Holga 120N (thank you, Santa Claus) and hope to have some shots from that uploaded soon.

I'm looking forward to sharing with everyone, and also learning from everyone else in the group!
RedYvi 9 years ago
thanks Damien for the invite. I am Yvonne from Germany. Since I got y first point and shoot at the age of 14 I like to take pictures. Quite later during my PhD I got into developing my own b&w pictures at which ime I bought as well my first slr camera. Since October 1006 I am the owner of the EOS 400D. It is qauite good to have the diect feed-back on the pictires you just have taken an so I really made some step forward in taking betterpictures.
Since somne time now I got even bavk to develop b& roll-film as I have gotten quite cheap a seagull (chinese remake of rolleiflex).
KLSTHOMAS PRO 9 years ago
Hi thank you for the invite....my name is Ken and i live on the Isle of Wight in the UK ....I have only been taking pictures for about 18 months and really enjoy what i do my camera is a Fujifilm finepix s9600 which im happy with for now ......happy looking
N.J. | Photography 9 years ago
Hi all, I've just joined the group! I'm NJ from the UK.
©DESYphotowerks 9 years ago
Just accepted my invite.... And I am rather new to the DSLR world, but have been shooting with a point and shoot for a while. (why, I don't not know. Should have gone DSLR a long time ago).

I am 24, from the Northern Kentucky/greater Cincinnati area.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach, and paintings of unicorns.
upstatepano1 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by upstatepano1 (member) 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite, looking to learn all I can. Live in the upstate of SC. Shoot with Nikon D300, 10.5 lens for virtual tours, 12-24, 18-200 and 2 SB900's.
adiv 9 years ago
Hi and thanks for the invite...
Live in Sydney at the moment, still a beginnner to photography world, shoot with 40D, but have been a while using ixus series.

Looking forward to sharing and learning together
Velaia (ParisPeking) 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Daniel, 23 years old. I started with no knowledge at all with a DSC-H5 and upgraded 6 months ago to a Canon Rebel XSi with a Sigma 18-200 mm, TravelTripod, BatteryPack, Remote Control and UV-Filter (Polarizer for 70$ broke in Chile). Had a wonderful time shooting all around the world on my 40,000 km bicycle trip with this very special recumbent bicycle.
Now I am back and am happy to have the opportunity to post-edit and post on flickr, to have fast internet and a fast computer.
The stories to my pictures are in English on my website.
Live in the south of Germany at the moment but I'm not a tree with roots from wood, so that might change pretty soon :-)
Happy shooting my fellow group members!
sumtymes :D 9 years ago
hello everyone.. I was invited by damien and I'm glad to be part of this group. Thanks for the invite!

I'm nabo and just new to photogrpahy. I got my very first dslr 3 months ago and still practicing the different techniques used in photography.. I hope that joining this group will help me enhance and develope my skills to be a good photographer..I'm looking forward to learn from other memebers here as well. :D
conscious star [deleted] 9 years ago
Hello, Luis from Puerto Rico. Although i've always been fascinated by photography, it's been a year since i've been seriously pursuing it a a serious hobby. I wish i would have stumbled upon before on this group, but i'm glad to have been invited. I'm sure to learn more and more!!!
shemlongakit 9 years ago
Hello, it's a pleasure to be invited here, i appreciate it so much. I'm Shem Torre Longakit, full time photographer from Southern Philippines, Davao City. Again, thanks for the invite.
Just_Pineda 9 years ago
Hi everyone,
My name is Isaac and I love photography. I live in Oklahoma, USA.
I hope to learn new ways to see the world.
numerous celery [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi! I'm Kim and I'm from Minnesota. I am still trying to figure this whole photography thing out. I use a Sony Cybershot DSC W300 camera and hope to upgrade within the next year (don't tell my husband he just bought me this camera a few months ago). Comments are greatly appreciated, advice from people other than my friends and family was the reason I made a flickr account :)
TimTseMT PRO 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Tim from Hong Kong.

Interested in B/W photo. Develop my own films and prints.

nice to meet you all.
ryan.petherbridge 9 years ago
Damien, thank you for the invite!...My name is Ryan and i am currently going to school in Maine, USA. I have a new found interest in photography since i took a class back in HS, and my interest has been furthered by a very good friend of mine. I love B/W photography, and if i can i will develop my own film. I will hope to have enough time to continue this through out the year, and this summer will hopefully produce some good memories!

nice to get to know everybody...
KNEU Photo 9 years ago
Hi all, I'm Kurt - currently residing in Sydney, Australia as an expat from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. I enjoy landscape and what I think is considered street photography, and am trying to get better with portraits and people pictures. I shoot with a Canon DSLR.
Onno1970 9 years ago
Hi all, I'm Onno from the Netherlands. I 've been shooting film for more than 20 years, digital point and shoot since 1 year, and finally made the step to digital SLR since Nikon decided to bring to market a prosumer full frame SLR (saves on buying new lenses...)
My photographic activity had lowered the last few years, but I have to admit (which is hard for me as I was a long time film die hard...) that since I have the DSLR I've again learned a lot. It really helps to see directly the results of your experiments, and for me helps to understand what action has what effect. In my case, with film it always took a while before I developed it, so often I didn't exactly remember what settings I used.
But even with the (almost) unlimited capacity you have for shooting, I still think about every picture how It would look best, and don't use the technique of shoot and delete ;-)

Oh, btw, Damien thanx for the invitation !
steven alejandro 9 years ago
Steven Alejandro 42 years old from San Antonio
After a long sabbatical I'm shooting again
Thanks for the invite!
Claire Cook 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Claire. Thanks for the invite. I live in Norfolk UK. I'm getting married beginning of February so not had much time (or money) over the last 18 months to focus on anything else.
I'm very much an amature and photography is my hobby and I plan on keeping it that way, but I hope this year to join a local camera club and really start learning how to use my Canon EOS 400D.
I subscribe to PhotoPlus and find it helps me learn how to use Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. I'd really appreciate any tips so if you look through my stream don't hesitate to leave a comment on any pics about how I might have improved the shot. I plan on putting all tips into practice until I find my own style.

New Year - New Start - hope it works out well for eveyone x
Noe H 9 years ago
Im Roxanne from Southern California. I have an eos 40d. Took photography in high school and started to get back into it a year ago. Nice to meet all of you
ur_photo_friend Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ur_photo_friend (member) 9 years ago
thank you for the invite.

hello, my name is shelly and live in Michigan. have loved photography for as long as I can remember but tried 'really' learning a few years ago. still have a lot to learn. i have my first wedding to shoot for a family member in march. I have a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI with an EF 75-300mm & a EFS 18-55mm lenses.

I look forward to learning my way around here. thanks again!
unicyn 9 years ago
Hi all,
I am Alberto. Living in Brussels, born in Basque Country. I have my 450D for 2 months and enjoying learning a lot.

Thanks for the invitation.
RFlaton 9 years ago

I came on yourphototips.com and i found it interesting. Just joined the flickr group. Nice pictures!

Some personal information, i am Ronald from Holland. 29 years old. I shoot with a Nikon d300.

See pics on my flickr.

gianluca86 9 years ago
My name is Gianluca, I'm a student, from Italy. I recently bought a 1000D and hope to improve my skills. I'm very glad to have discovered this group!
See ya!
hI every one
My name is john im a very keen amateur who is always glad of advice and tips lok forward to seeiing all your photos
JonathanR 9 years ago
Hi all, Jon from Southampton, England. Just started taking shots of local nature in the park down the road but am taking my Canon A430 out more with me to find other interesting things to capture. Looking for some hints to help me improve. Don't be afraid to be brutally honest !!
numberless trade [deleted] 9 years ago
hello, I am from Oregon,USA. thank you for allowing me to join your group. I am looking forward to advice and tips. thank you.
kairoru 9 years ago
Hey, I'm Kay, from OH...

I'm mainly a beginner hobbyist and I shoot with a Sony DSC-W120... I love the quality it gives, and it's not bulky, so it's easy to haul around!
special eyes [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi. I'm Andrew Robson, living and shooting in Namibia. I enjoy photographing people and am attempting to break into the local wedding photographic business this year.
Marcelish 9 years ago
Hi, im marcela from colombia, and i found really interesting this group so i joined, ^^

if u want u can add me.
AnikoInAsia 9 years ago
hello to all, now I live in Tokyo, Japan, moved here from Belgium, lived in the US for a long time too. I love photography and everything else creative. I know a great photo when I see one, I just can't create one. I need lots of tips, advise and practice. For Christmas my wonderful hubby gave me a Nikon D80, I can't put it down, I'm driving everyone crazy with taking pix everywhere and at all times.
I hope to lear from all of you.
Hello all. I'm Celeste from Long Beach, CA, USA. I used to shoot film but got hooked on digital and now shoot more (end enjoy it more) than ever before. I added the blog feed to my newsreader just recently and then decided to join the Flickr group. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's photos! (Will add some of mine shortly.)
tony_s2008 9 years ago
Hola! (Well, everyone says "Hi" or "Hello" so I'll say it in Spanish my second language).
This is a great place to socialize and share our passion.
Drop by on my website photocards4all.com - I'm setting up here in Bedford UK selling my images from South America, Norway and UK, cards, canvas and now acrylic prints.
Look forward to your comments, via info@photocards4all.com !
Humming Bird protecting nest by tony_s2008
elemash 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite....I have been away from flickr for quite a while and this is a nice group to come back to and join! My name is ashley and I am just having fun with my camera and have loved all the learning to be found on flickr! Greetings to all!!
ilse_holland 9 years ago
Hey all,

just wanted to say Hi :) I'm Ilse, I'm from the Netherlands and I'm a 25 year old student studying climatology. I've been photographing for about 4-5 years now, the last two of which with my Sonya100. Preferably nature photography, but also other subjects if I get inspired :)

If you want to know more about me, have a look at my profile, or read through my tagged info which I posted with this picture:

Blowfly (Lucillia sericata) on Purple cone flower (Rudbeckia purpurea) by ilse_holland

See you around :)

Greetz, Ilse
NCFK 9 years ago
Just wanted to say hello!
Artermisz 9 years ago
Just to say thanks for the invitation and hello to all the fellow members of this group.

Cheers from Singapore,
jessicasethi 9 years ago
my names jess, im from the uk. im constantly looking for projects to work on, so if anyones interested message me...
redhare1 PRO 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I'm looking forward to learning a lot from this group. Unfortunately, I don't know how much help I'll be to anyone (unless you want examples of what not to do!), as I am just a beginner. I got a DSLR camera for Christmas; kind of out of the blue; and now have to figure out how to use it. At this point I don't even know enough to know what questions I should be asking, so if anyone would like to offer suggestions or constructive critisim, please feel free. I'll do my best to be helpful, but I'm not an artist, designer or anything creative, so if my comments seem vague sometimes please know that it is not out of a lack of interest. If I simply say "I like it" it's because I really do.
E M Photography 9 years ago
Hello! Thank you for the invite Damien! My name is Regina. I am from North Port, FL. I have been into photography for about 7-8 years as a hobbiest. I have done several photoshoots in that time. I have a goal to become pro sometime in the near future. All of my knowledge of photography has been self taught and from photography groups such as this! I love sharing my knowledge and love hearing fellow photographers knowledge and input as well! Thank you again for the opportunity to share and learn!
LauraMik 9 years ago
Hello! Thanks for the invite! This seems like a great place to grow my photography skills I hope! I have always loved photography, but only branched out to a DSLR about 6 months ago. Since then, I can't stop! It's becoming a huge hobby in my life, and I wish I had more money to buy a couple more lenses! My name is Laura, and I hope I can learn a lot on here, there are some amazing photographers here!
breakable watch [deleted] 9 years ago
Mabuhay! I'm Agnes from the Philippines. Thank you very much for the invite! I'm a high school teacher who loves to shoot photos nearly about everything. I hope that i would be able to share some tips to fellow photo enthusiasts like me and also I would love to learn more from my co-members here. Thanks again for the invite! I appreciate it!
jcross70 9 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm Jason from the UK. Please feel free to make comments on my pictures. I've still got a lot to learn.
fancy action [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks for the Invite. I'm Jesse from Australia! Just started photography back in August 08, I would like to call myself a photographer! And Ihis looks like a great club so thanks again for the invite.
SaltGeorge 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite, my name is Alastair and I'm in the UK.. I started again with photography last year with my first DSLR.. after years of happy-snapping with a variety of film and digital compacts since being given a Hanimax 110 as a child back in the '80s.
starrienight PRO 9 years ago
Nice to meet all of you.
My name is Lynn.
I live in Selinsgrove PA.
I've been shooting digitally for about five years, but I still love film too.My first SLR was a Pentax K1000.
Its getting harder and harder to find a film lab for developing. (lament)
Anyways, my camera goes with me most places and I shoot anything and everything.
I also read anything I can get my hands on relating to photography.The latest book I'm reading is "Hot Shots" by Kevin Meredith. Its full of tips and tricks for taking better photographs. My current favorite lens is my lensbaby composer.
AlwaysLearning 9 years ago
I'm an amateur photographer who shot her Nikon Coolpix 5700 in program mode from 2003-12/2009. Then I read my manual and I've been having a great time trying to capture interesting images with different settings, etc...

DH was "downsized" last week so the SLR may not happen anytime soon, but I will still save up what I can and in the meantime will enjoy trying to max out the capabilities of my Coolpix.
bbanana 9 years ago
Hi everybody! And Damien, thanks a lot for the invite :)
I'm Anna, I'm 26 and I'm from Israel. I've took photography course in university 4 years ago, back then I had Canon EOS500 (film). I was taking pictures but not really put much time in it, so this October I bought my first DSLR and trying to catch up everything I've missed. Hope you enjoy what I'm coming up with :)
paul_cheung 9 years ago
Hi! thank you for inviting me to this group.
I am from Hong Kong. Just fooling around with my dslr when I have the time to fool around. nice to meet you all here!
typicalnaloboy 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite.

I am a relatively new photographer, about 8 months. Currently living in Washington state, originally from Hawaii. Just trying to learn more about photography
Rachel Thalia 9 years ago
Hello! Thank you for the invite.
My name is Rachel, I am 17, and from New York. I have a passion for photography, and intend to shoot the streets of New York City through my eyes. I shoot with both film, and digital- a canon rebel xti. It's nice to meet you all! And any advice or comments about my work is greatly appreciated!
real shirt [deleted] 9 years ago
hi everyone,

this is Gül from Turkey and I am an amateur in photography.

My sister and I recently started to share a Canon PowerShot A590 IS. I am not very ambitious about being a great photographer, yet I would like to share some nice photos from life around me as well as see you photos.

Thanks to Damien Franco for the invite!
Thnak you for the invite. I am always striving to get better. I would love to be able to look at tips and others photos more.
enormous cabbage [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi, I'm Mark.
I'm using an old Powershot G3 now but hope to get a DSLR in the near future. I've been reading a lot of books and magazines, and am working to be a better photographer. My profile tells more about me.

Thanks for the invite, Damien!
mike_dooley 9 years ago
Hi everyone!

I am Mike from Rhode Island, USA, got my first DSLR about 8 months ago as a gift from my wife. Having a lot of fun, and trying to learn as much as I can and improve as a photographer.
GLORIMAR Pictures 9 years ago
Greetings from Orlando, FL!!!

I want to thank Damien for the invite! :-D

My name is my username (minus the "pictures"..) I normally go by "Glory", since it is much easier to pronounce when chopped right in the middle. I am a complete newbie to the dSLR and flickr world. I'm hoping to not only learn a lot about photography but also make new friends...

And now to make lasting memories...
Tristabell 9 years ago
Hi all,

Thank you Damien for the invite.
I'm Stephanie from Central Louisiana. Growing up I've always had a camera of some sort, taking pics of family and traveling, military brat so there was alot of traveling.
I've actually just started taking photography more serious in the last year or so. I'm not sure how much I can contribute on actual knowledge and techniques, but I will most likely have a ton of questions:) My main camera was a Kodak z812 until Christmas, now I mainly use Canon Rebel Xsi.
VinceCallaghanPhoto 9 years ago
Hey Vince from the UK here

Thanks for the invite.

In the process of taking the big step from hobbyist to full time :)

Will post often and look for critique, and strangely will say don't be nice be honest..... constructive criticism is better than nice!

tomstar3000 9 years ago
Hello all, I'm not knew to the photography game, but it sure feels like it sometimes. There is always something to learn.
rawedge studio 9 years ago
hi my name is glorianne......and i am a mixed media artist......photography is new to me.......but i like taking pictures and i am getting better at it.......i kind of like a crazy person with a kodack instamatic camera...i just have a small ditgal camera.....it's a fuji.....nothing great......i don't have any other lenses or cameras.....just this little one that i have fun with........i really enjoy taking pictures.......please help me be a bette photographer.....

breakable tiger [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey guys,

Thanks for the invite. My name is Rachell, I'm from Mukilteo (20 mins north of Seattle, WA). I've had no formal training with a camera, I just bought an old Mavica off of Ebay when I was 14 and have slowly been upgrading ever since. I'm still working with pretty poor equipment (Canon A570IS), but it hasn't stopped me yet.
papersurfer 9 years ago
It's a pleasure to join your group Mr Franco. It will be great to share a webspace with such talented company.

My name is Penfold (or 'Papersurfer'), my photostream is here and my blog is here.

An English surfer stuck in the mountains of Portugal...
shellie_ 9 years ago
Thanks for asking me to join this group! My name is Shellie, I'm a photo student from a tiny town in New Jersey. Visit my photostream, or better yet visit my website www.michelewass.com
Thanks for the invite, looks like a nice group to be a part of. I am Briley and have lived in Midland, Texas since 1967 when I was 9 years old. I have always been fascinated with photography and became addicted to it when I was scuba diving. My wife had a stroke 4 years ago so the underwater hobby became an above water hobby that is not only a fun part of my life but a sometimes escape from the reality of life. Three years ago I started selling my photos at arts and crafts shows, I soon found out why they are called starving artist, but have had pretty good success with my business. In 2008 I went a little ballistic doing shows all over Texas but am narrowing it down a lot 2009.
My Flickr stream is here: flickr.com/photos/dustdevildiver/
and my website: www.dustdevildiverphotography.com
Marcelo E 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite

I'm Marcelo from Tenerife, Spain.
karomom 9 years ago
Thanks for the inviteMy name is Kathy and I'm in Canada, I have just started pursuing photography and have ALOT to learn! This group looks like it could be very helpful and fun!
Right now I'm trying to learn through books and the internet - my goal is to make this a business for myself (evventually lol).
As I am new.... I don't have many tips myself, but looks foward to the day when I do!
fumbling calculator [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm Alex From Salt Lake City Utah
Mystikal Hue 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite!

I'm Joanne from Victoria, Canada. I just bought myself a DSLR and just started shooting about a month ago! I am looking forward to learning and all the tips and hints this group will bring me will be very much appreciated!

smooth rabbit [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm Sue from Canada. Just an amateur!Hoping to pick up lots of tips.
Thanks for the invite!
spectacular rice [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi y'all! I'm Maria from Huntington Beach, California.


G'day mates!
Patrick•Laberge PRO 9 years ago
Ok ... En français.
Mon nom est Patrick Laberge, j'ai 35 ans et j'habite au Lac Beauport à Québec. La photographie est une passion grandissante pour moi depuis près de 15 ans déjà...Mon premier appareil fut un Canon A1, un jour le numérique me rattrapa et je fis l'acquisition d'un Canon A710is.Un peu restreins avec ce modèle, vint le jour où j'acquit quelque chose qui ressemble plus à un reflex, soit un Canon S5is. Déçu par sa lenteur à focuser, je me résigna à acheter finalement un Canon XSI. Parfois ça prend du temps à comprendre!! La photographie est, pour moi, un médium exploratoire. Il n'y a pas de recette précise à suivre, il faut seulement suivre son imagination. C'est pourquoi je peux faire des images très classic et parfois plus artistiques voir même macabres. J'aime explorer et la photographie est un bon moyen d'imager tout toutes les idées qui me trottent dans la tête.
annoyed bikes [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite Damien! Greeting form Orlando Florida. I would love to shoot professionally one day but as of today I am still honing my craft. I shoot Canon DSLR. My first DSLR is a Canon XT Rebel and I am hoping to work my way to the 5D. I am a self taught photographer for 2 years now who is constantly searching for inspiration and I think Flickr is a wonderful place to search. Art is first and foremost so if the money never comes I wont be brokenhearted. At least I know that everything I do can still be called art.
T.S. Wright 9 years ago
Hello to all of ya!

I'm Tracey..From Pennsylvania...Currently in school for Photography. Not sure yet which direction I want to take photography,...commercial...studio..sports??...I have done a few weddings and I HATED it...that's about the only time I can have a camera in my hand and not enjoy it. The most important thing I have learned about photography is that it will take a life time to learn photography.

Thanks so much for the invite!!
ImagineCreate 9 years ago
Thanks very much for the invite!
I'm from freezing cold Canada and am very new to photography.
Hope to see you all around!
simple support [deleted] 9 years ago
Howdy howdy all,
I live on the wet side of Oregon. Photography is an obsession to me. There is something about the feel, capture, and sound of the shutter that I never get over. What I post is only the newest thing I'm thinking about. I'm like a cow grazing I love it all.
sudomonkey 9 years ago
Hola Everyone! Im from western Washington... Im a newbie in photography but am loving it. Im frequently will browse other peoples pictures and get ideas.

Thanks for the Invite!
(manda) 9 years ago

name: amanda
Skill: very low
Camera: Olympus SP-55Ouz but hoping to upgrade to DSLR in next couple of months.

know nothin'! but more than happy to learn.

thanks for the invite.
fawcettfrances 9 years ago
Thank you for the invite. I am very new to photography, only starting this year when I purchased my first camera. I only have a point and shoot camera so don't be expecting brilliant photos from me. I don't think I will have many photos worthy of being posted in this pool.
Hi, we are professional photographers working out of Dallas Georgia. I'm 30 plus years in the business and my soon to be wife started working with me about a year ago. We are bonded by Nikon!

Thanks for the invitation to join the group.
beautifuliris 9 years ago
hi Damien ,are u also on facebook flickr group?
seem so familiar...catching portrait , lol,:)
anyway thank u for invitation,it's such a professional and interactive group,
and i feel proud to be one of ur members:)

just so far i still havn't quite figured out rules of groups, all groups i do are just conforming to join , adding pics, or comments,
maybe i'd better keep to be my amateur photog,but sometimes reform them via creation:)
joke , if aside these i can do ,please let me know

Hello everyone... thanks for the invite!

Ron Miguel from North Carolina my friend!
ahead statement [deleted] 9 years ago
Glen from So Cal, shooting a Nikon D300 and assorted lenses.
zedd3 9 years ago
Hey there! my name is Zena, I am from Canada. I got my Canon Rebel last year and have taken 1000's of pics of my son playing his various sports but more recently I have begun taking pics of everything, and looking at everything as a picture. I am really new at the DSLR thing but I am slowly learning.
bvi4092 PRO 9 years ago
Hi All,

Thanks for the invite. I am relatively new to photography (2 years), so still learning. I really only take pictures for myself and have no ambitions of being a pro. Of course I do enjoy showing my pictures to others and especially like any feedback that helps me improve.

Looking forward to participating in this group.
Hi everyone

Thanks for the invite. My name is Sameer. I ma based in Pune, India. Started taking pictures a few years back with a Fuji finepix and have recently upgraded to a Canon 40D. Like to shoot landscapes and a few macros. Still trying to get the hang of the new camera and hope to learn a lot from here.
leah suba 9 years ago
thanks for adding me :0

the profile of this group is quite interesting... i hope i don't end up it the not-to-do kinds of article. LOL. but if it does happen, it's ok. we're all here to learn anyway.

i'm from the philippines. a copywriter in an adevertising agency.

i just got REALLY into photography last MAY '08. i have a d40, a 55-200mm lens, tripod, remote control, some boards and desklamps. i also have photoshop "skills" to help me.

thanks again for adding me. hope you guys check out my photostream. i would really appreciate comments. thanks!

clagmonster PRO 9 years ago
Hi All

My name is Ian and I am currently living near Glasgow in Scotland.
I have been taking photos since the age of 5, that's 37 years now!!, and shoot mainly for my own enjoyment, if I like a picture enough I get it printed out and hang it on the wall. I am also very interested in what other people regard as a good photo and am quite surprised sometimes which shots get the most views.
Yorcie1 9 years ago
Thanks for the invite. I'm Cheynne (shane) I am what they call a "Mature Student", as I have just embarked on a Degree in photography for the next three years.

I'm from the UK, and I hate this weather! can it not be nice for atleast a month without it either been overcast or raining :D

Anyways, I love digital, but saying that I have just bought myself a Bronica ETRSI and have gone back to basics to try to better understand exposure through film.
Myikel 9 years ago
Hey! Just wanted to say thanks for the invite. I'm Michael or whatever you want to call me. I'm just a newb/hobbyist into photography but I'm trying to learn as much as I can. I live in Ontario, Canada. So yea just wanted to say hey and and try to learn as much as I can! Oh yea I shoot digital!
visualwio 9 years ago
Thank-you for the invite Damien.
Hello everyone!
I am a Torontonian who loves to shoot everything and anything that evokes emotion. I'm fully digital and trying to find my niche- though ideally, I would love to travel and spend my time taking pictures of beautiful and extraordinary places around the world!
777images 9 years ago
Hi, my name is Neal.
Thank you for the invitation. I am very new to photography, however I am trying to learn from everyone I can. I have used photography to create artwork. Now I want to learn photography as "Art Work". I look forward to contributing where I can and absorbing all I can.
AliceChristina. 9 years ago
im alice :)
im seventeen
from england
and bascially i have a severe addiction to flickr, cameras, photoshop and russell brand
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