muzik_freak 9:05pm, 16 December 2008
so this is like my first song. It may not be that good or it may not be good at all but the most unique thing is that its MY SONG. Hope ya guys like it....

I am lookin into the sky
I am searchin 4 the star tonight
I am wishin 4 a beautiful dream
A dream with you and me
And then when i open my eyes
I find you by my side
There's no one else in sight
Its only me and you & you and me tonight

You drive away all my fears
You wipe my tears away
You make me feel, oh,so safe
I wanna love you each and every day

I love everything about you
There's so much i wish you knew
You are my prince charming
I wanna be your queen
Will you be my king?
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