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kristinedominique says:

Hmm! I can't seem to figure out how to post a picture here. So here's a link to the picture. Sorry!


The world is tinged with gray
The rain's died down to a drizzle
The wind is picking up now
And our clothes begin to tremble

Can you feel it?
It is ours, this time, this moment.
We will seize it
and no one will steal it

The earth sighs beneath us
and the sky swells in glory.
Though people may hide in umbrellas
we will sing in the storm approaching.

Link: lafabolgurl.multiply.com/music/item/36/Away_1_song

My friends and I started a band a few months ago. We've jammed together twice, we still don't have a name, [but] we've had one gig. HAHA.

I wrote this song sometime around May. The lyrics are based on a blog that I wrote then.

(The blog: lafabolgurl.multiply.com/journal/item/151/To_all_the_peop... )
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rlc photography says:

I just heard it. Very cool! And catchy! I like the chorus, and the way you sang "away". I hope you take this constructively..the song is great, the feel and mood is solid, but I think it really needs a bridge...it would take it to another place! Thanks for sharing! I also read your blog...you are a great writer. You paint a picture very well.

And also, looking at the picture takes me back to my childhood in Manila, showering in the rain! Thanks for that!
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