rlc photography 5:19pm, 4 August 2008
Ok, here's the first one...

Alone 5

A never ending walk, into a monumental dream
Will never ever be complete, an unfinished symphony
What do we really want? Sadly it's not you I do recall
Life never seems to last, maybe God hates us all!

Where do we fit in? Are we imaginary or real?
Where do we fit in? Is there a secret to reveal?

A two-lane highway, without any walls in between
You know you light my way, by night you can't be seen
So we go side by side, like a mirage on the horizon
A constant journey in reality, time just keeps marching on and on

Where do we fit in? Are we imaginary or real?
Where do we fit in? Is there a secret to reveal?

Like raindrops in the Sahara
Like thunder that noone hears
Like clouds in the ocean blue that's raining down on me!

A never ending walk...where do we go...from here?

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I'm in a band called "xxrub", where I sing and play bass. Our guitarist Anthony wrote the music, and the "ideas" for the lyrics. We collaborated and finalized the song and are about to mix and master it for our upcoming cd called "The Twilight". Hope you like it.
kristinedominique 10 years ago
Interesting lyrics.

Pretty thought provoking. The idea has a lot of potential.

I like the imagery used in some lines ("Like raindrops in the Sahara...").

The line "time just keeps marching on and on" is a little cliche though. Hehe.

As for the melody of the song, it does do justice to the message of the song. Sounds jaded, dream-like, and... heavy. Assuming that that was what you were going for, good job, it works. Although, personally, (PERSONALLY, ha? Hehe.) I don't like it. Or maybe I'm just not in the mood to listen to that kind of sound right now. But, really, it's probably just me.

Anyway, again, it works. Not bad. Good job. ;)

(Oh, I couldn't really hear the bass line though. Or is it just my laptop? My ears? Hehe...)
rlc photography 10 years ago
Thanks for the response, lady hughes, I value your opinion very much. Yeah, it is a heavy song, which is what we're going for. This version isn't mixed and mastered yet, just a console mix, so it's hard to get every sound, esp. the bass. We played this song live at a gig last Saturday, and I thought this got the best reaction. I love the build-up to the guitar solo. I get to scream! We do an extended long version of the line..."where do we go...from here?", and it gets people thinking. I could tell by the way they respond, like they're in another dimension. They when the song ended, they responded very well...

And you? Wanna post a song?
kristinedominique 10 years ago
Actually, yes! But I want to record it again, first. :)
fumbling credit [deleted] 10 years ago
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :)
eugendoibani 9 years ago
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