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The North West Of Nowhere 1:42am, 2 December 2020
Once again, I think we'd like to know why we have chosen that particular photo as our best one this year.

Is it an unrepeteable special moment? Someone you love? A place you had always wanted to visit? well, in this pandemic year maybe travelling was a bit harder but, still..

Was it your wedding day? Something completely unexpected but you had your camera ready? (in this day and age of smartphones it's not that importan but... still...)

Share the story behind those pixels, what makes it special for you.

I suggest you share your photo with your comment in a medium-small size. Use [Flickr photo URL] .

Thank you!
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austinspace 2 months ago
My longtime friend Johanna messaged me asking if I could be ready to go on a road trip on a 5 a.m.! I immediately agreed and we drove two hours south of our home town to this canyon to shoot her and her friend doing yoga poses before the desert heat got unbearable. I LOVE random shoots that come together and this is definitely the best one I've been involved with this entire year.
Johanna and Kaylee by austinspace
Hidden castle. by The North West Of Nowhere

I like visiting and taking photos at what I call "old stones", that's castles, monasteries, abandoned old villages... you name it.

A few years ago I knew about this place, Caracena, a small village in the middle of Spain, which has an old abandoned castle and a couple of romanesque churches. It was a no brainer, I had to go there next time I went on one of my journeys. And so I could finally pay a visit back in 2017 with one good friend of mine.

However, I forgot to take some photos from the other side of the cliff by the West side of the castle, and that was something I was looking forward. So, I knew I had to come back there. And since there's a Roman and Medieval site not too far away south from it and, also, as I found out we had missed a musltim tower from the medieval era (we had passed by just a few meters), this was the year I planned a router to visit the castle again.

Or rather taking a photo from the other side of the cliff. And although it's not clearly visible, there's a cliff between the place I took the photo and the castle. I just didn't get to the cliff due to a number of reasons, one being there's no actual path from there and the other one that rain was almost there. Also, I had little time to waste as my day was packed with visits to pay.

However, I grabbed my camera and took a few shots, this panorama included.

And it seems people liked it as it is my Explored photo this year, so I guess the time and effort paid off.

Thank you.
Bill Thoo 2 months ago

This was grabbed on a misty morning on our first trip out of the city all year - in November 2020. I have not been shooting the 4x5 camera for long, and had shot with the roll film back even less, and never with 35mm film in the back before ever! It turned out to be just a gem of a morning, and that translated into this ethereal result that I was really pleased with.
mike | Posted 2 months ago. Edited by mike | (member) 2 months ago

I've shot a lot of frogs, but this is the one I love most because the eye really pops and I think the wonderful light in combination with the perfect reflection makes it unique :-)
grant368 1 month ago
Its not so much what I chose a friend recommended I should enter the 'Silver Gull'
nickybay Posted 1 month ago. Edited by nickybay (member) 1 month ago
Long-jawed orb weaver (Tetragnatha sp.) - P8082076 by nickybay

Not every day that this spider stops while standing upright, trying to balloon away while I took mugshots.
boucli 1 month ago
Not so much the shot itself (though I love the place) as the print for me. It was created during my first meeting with a friend after French 1st lockdown. She had offered to share her darkroom to try lith printing. It was my favorite print of the day, and I love the fragile and evanescent of this image…
In the marshes
nunes.rui 1 month ago
I had seen pictures of this viaduct online and wanted to go and have a look for myself. It wasn't a great day for it, quite muddy to get there and the sun kept appearing and disappearing but in those moments it made what I though was an interesting light and shadow game with the arches. And the tilt was just a way of looking at it in an even more different way!

Ouse valley viaduct - revisited by nunes.rui
greenoid Posted 1 month ago. Edited by greenoid (member) 1 month ago
This spot is 200m away from home, so very #Corona friendly. I worked from home and saw the sunset, so I insteadly stopped working, grabbed my camera gear and headed there. It is a construction site with just the frame of an old engine shed remaining what is in itself interesting. Then the sunset and the clouds gave it an extra amazing look of course. But the tipping of the icing was a flock of pigeons flying in circles over it. I guess I took 100 photos of it and this was the one perfect shot I came home with. I was so lucky.
The old engine shed with birds by greenoid
MathiasSB 1 month ago
Nature and belief by MathiasSB

I’ve always wanted to visit the Faroe Islands as I’m from Denmark and the Faroes are a part of the Danish Kingdom. One of the distinct differences between Denmark and The Faroes (other than the nature) is that they tend to be more religious than Danes.

After driving for hours down small one-lane roads, you come to this small village with a simple stop sign overlooking the cold and brutal Atlantic Ocean. The sign obviously indicates that the road is ending, but could as well be a reminder of the dangers of the ocean around these corners of the world.
Looking at the stop sign and turning your head 90 degrees left, you find this church. A place that's the exact opposite of the symbolism of the stop sign.

Experiencing the harsh ever changing weather during my stay in the Faores, it’s when I look at this photo I took, that it’s no wonder to me how the church served as a place of light, warmth and refuge.
Bonsailara1 1 month ago
I've chosen this photo, because it represents for me the meaning of hope, no matter what happened this year. At a first sigh, it look like there's an endless sense of solitude, but if you focus in the woman's body language, there's a force in her upright position and her sight fixed in the horizon that completely change the overall meaning of the scene. There is willingness and there is strenght to face the future.
LH2O_LA Posted 1 month ago. Edited by LH2O_LA (member) 1 month ago

A stolen street shot of an homeless man receiving a coin from a young woman.It was the right moment!
hedgehopper871 1 month ago
I have been in self isolation because of coronavirus since March the 6th this year. As I have only rarely been outside I needed a photographic project indoors. I purchased a SplashArt device and took hundreds of photos of liquid splashing into various shaped containers. Also using different backgrounds. Some were of water, but my best results were with full fat milk.
Still editing and filing many, but this is one of those I downloaded here.
DChristine1978 Posted 1 month ago. Edited by DChristine1978 (member) 1 month ago
I captured this photo minutes after the clouds started parting to allow for the sunset to peek through after a large storm we had this summer. It was a reminder that beyond the gray and stormy, a glimpse of hope glimmers beneath.
My red deer shot came as a surprize. Was following them for a while and only saw 2 to 3 individuals but never the Group. This mom and 2 calfs I saw many times . Then finally the group showed up on the field.
Icy SL Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Icy SL (member) 1 month ago
I chose this one because it happened very naturally and the golden light and water reflections all fell into place. Synchronicity to me. :)

Big Hog at Serenity Reborn by Icy SL
hjnship 1 month ago
This was not an obvious photo choice to submit for this year's "Best Shot". I had a few others to choose from as well.

I was out one spring day with my Canon EF 100mm f/2.0 lens, which is a very good lens for people and portraits. But I wanted to try it out for other subjects as well, to see what effects it would produce with its capability for shallow depth of field and slightly compressed perspective. So I just went out to have some fun with the camera and lens, with no finished ideas what to capture or how.

Bollard by hjnship
freezeframe03 1 month ago
I just got a new camera, Sony a6000, and went for an early morning walk to photograph some scenes of my area of living. The sun was bright and it was hazy over the water.
Early morning walk to the Milwaukee River by freezeframe03
Jan Whybourne 1 month ago
This photo was my choice for this group because of a couple of things. First off it taken at Thunder Bay's Lakehead University as part of our local photo groups theme. I have always liked the look of the ATAC building at the university and wanted to try something different rather than the building as a whole. We had a great clear blue sky that day and the lines and reflections seemed perfect. I have always loved architecture and was quite pleased with how this one turned out.
Don Henderson 1 month ago
I'm a graphic designer and I work from home. 2020 has been stressful at best. COVID-19 has changed everything, especially what I have been shooting. Photography has always been a sort of a stress relief for me, something that I can do and not have to answer to anyone, it's really the only time I feel truly free. For the first couple weeks I did nothing but shoot things around my house, my wife, my 2 Weimaraner dogs, views from my 3rd floor studio, plant and flower studies in my yard. Occasionally I would hike down into New Kensington with one of my Fuji X series cameras and a Mamiya C220 to shoot the empty street, a church that was damaged by a tornado, and urban decay, but primarily I've just shot things in my backyard and developed the film in my basement darkroom. My home has always been a comfort zone for me, and I thought I'd submit something that gives that feeling. I'm enjoying looking at everybody else's work too.
Anghelov's 1 month ago
Anghelov's Photography #HoustonPhotographer

One the most amazing model I had ever worked with.
L Malone 1 month ago
This photo came as a surprise. I was trying to get some macro close-ups of a cone flower. The contrast and the color just popped! Did not expect that!
Tricia H C 1 month ago
I submitted my photo because it was one of the rare times that the end product is just like I envisioned when I set up and took the shot.
Bird Seed in Crystal Ball 5 by Tricia H C
Czar Hey 1 month ago
Friends at the Skatepark by Czar Hey

This summer has been a whirlwind for me. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was largely stuck in my own neighbourhood, not willing or able to really venture out around even my own city. During that time, though, I got to meet a lot of awesome people at the local park, and in so many ways, see my neighbourhood for the first time in the 14 or so years I've lived here (I was not very social as a kid). As my style is more towards street photography and not posing or acting, this gave them a glimpse into a world of photography that was more than just boring family photos and school portraits. It has also given me a lot of opportunities to be challenged as well, trying new techniques like rear curtain flash sync that normally wouldn't be possible in street. Although I've improved a lot in photography over the course of this year in ways I never thought was possible, in the end I'm much more thankful for all the opportunities I was given to be able to build new social bonds even in the face of a pandemic that has divided so many others.

This here is one of my best from this wild, crazy summer. Since I don't pose my subjects, the kids are never annoyed by my presence because I'm not being bossy and in their face. And the parents love all of the photos that I'm able to get because of my hands-off, let-them-be-themselves approach. There's a high failure rate and I do miss a lot of shots, but it doesn't matter because the one good photo is worth the hundreds of bad ones it took to get there.
valentijnvandenbrink 1 month ago
I picked mine based on how for me it exemplifies this strange year. Technically I think this one is a nice example where what I wanted it to look like is also really how it ended. Despite being shot on 15yr old expired Fuji sensia slidefilm and not having the comfort of checking in camera what it looks like! I was quite happy the old photography skills haven't completely disappeared over time...

Tourism 2020 in times of COVID19 by valentijnvandenbrink
(Sue Lockhart Images) Posted 1 month ago. Edited by (Sue Lockhart Images) (member) 1 month ago
This pair of swans are in my local park, which I have been visiting nearly every day since the start of the Covid 19 pandemic.
At the beginning of 2020 the male (cob) lost his life long mate. There was one remaining cygnet from last year's clutch. They both flew off one day and I thought that the park would be a sad place without them, as they had been the subject of many happy shots over the years.
Lo and behold a week later he flew back with a new pen (mate) and I thought it would be too late for them to produce young this year. Swans mate for life (unless one dies of course), so this was a young pen who had not produced before.
However they mated and the pen had been on her nest for some weeks.
Imagine my joy when I visited one morning to find out she had hatched a clutch of four cygnets.
A couple of mornings later the parents brought them out onto the lake and I captured this wonderful shot of the two of them with their young. It was a very special moment.
Proud parents
Laetitia SAUNE 1 month ago
The choice was an obvious one here, even though this is not my most popular photo of the year.
I work at the Centre de l'Imaginaire Arthurien, which is located in Brittany, France, in the castle of Comper. I happen to be an astro enthousiast as well, so I was thrilled when the third comet of the year decided to shine through the summer. One day, a colleague asked me if I could place the comet above the castle. I wasn't sure it was possible, so I lost litteraly 2 weeks of sleep trying both during the evenings and very, very early morning. Finally, one moonless night, I could place it precisely where I wanted it, and asked another colleague to hold a light to the castle while I took the picture.
It may not be the most popular picture I took, nor even really the best, but for the work and dedication it took, and the result, this picture is clearly special to me.

Neowise en Brocéliande
Sextant Images 1 month ago
HA to SM

In a year that saw me, like many of us, cancel plans to go amazing places and see amazing things, I had to satisfy my creative urge by finding the art in and around my house. I shot a lot of macros for the Macro Mondays group, but this one (clearly not a macro) was shot just for me.

Doing so much shooting within my own walls, I was finding my 60mm and 75mm lenses a little too long, and my 17mm too wide, so I purchased a very nice 45mm 1.2 lens, and this shot of some random shelves of my music collection, shot from about 10 feet away, was an experiment to see what kind of clarity and field of vision I could expect. I like that, when viewed at full resolution, just about all of these spines can be read.

I've found an affinity with photographing album collections in general, as they are like a little oblique biography of the curator of the collection. So this becomes, in effect, autobiographical.
Xtian du Gard Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Xtian du Gard (member) 1 month ago
J'ai pris cette photo au parc ornithologique du Pont de Gau en Camargue; j'y suis allé avec le présentiment que le deuxième confinement pour COVID-19 ne faisait plus de doute.
Mon choix s'explique pour la sensation de liberté que donne ces flamants roses dans leur envol mais aussi par l'impression de cohésion de groupe que ça nécessite.
I took this photo at the Pont de Gau ornithological park in the Camargue; I went with the presentiment that the second lockdown for COVID-19 was no longer in doubt.
My choice is explained by the feeling of freedom that these flamingos give in their flight but also by the impression of group cohesion that it requires.
Thomas de Bagnolet 1 month ago
Paris - 2019.11.10 by Thomas de Bagnolet

Hard to choose !
I don't know if it's the "best", but I think it's my favourite one, despite of being shot in jpeg and its technical issues.
Photography of photographers waiting for a protest to arrive. I like the composition and the people's energy.
Ruth Jane Brown 1 month ago
Not a lot of people get the opportunity to go to see a penguin colony. It may not be one of my best but just to see this in nature was amazing. Mummy and Baby.
Tricia H C 1 month ago
Laetitia SAUNE: It is a lovely photo.
Kevin's Stuff 1 month ago
Hadn't done much this year except for the comet, but I had a change to go out to the shoreline and get an image of the crescent moon over one of the lighthouses that line the shores of Lake Michigan.

I actually had to wait until crowds left so I could get into position safely (stupid pandemic), and took this and a couple of other shots. Even though they were all okay,m this one was the best. It was featured online in "Michigan in Pictures" and was chosen the as the "Last Days of Summer" winning image by a local professional photo lab.

Evening Lunar Earthshine by Kevin's Stuff
dolguin 1 month ago
It will not be the best photo, tomorrow will always come, but I like the fact that it is a simple and clean image that leaves incognito what the subject is seeing.

Ojo by dolguin
wynn_owen 1 month ago
OldOwlFox by wynn_owen

Llanrwst is a small market town in north wales and when covid lockdown started the streets where so quiet very few cars or people walking.
I was experimenting with a fisheye lens on my Fujifilm camera giving a surrealistic feel.
Gillfoto Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Gillfoto (member) 1 month ago
Over the years I have taken many photos in this location, this has most of the elements, early morning which show the lights of Solarium covered deck on Alaska passenger/ferry ship, the snow capped mountains are lite in winter dawn color, and positioned close to shoreline of cabins on island.
Early Morn Sunrise with LeConte heading to Skagway by Gillfoto
granttt73 1 month ago
I kept to my best subject-type, picked my most iconic representative of the old cars, and included in the latter determination, "Does the picture tell a human story (not just steel and rubber). And the aging gentleman who still babies his70-year old car? There's the story.
flyfishermike Posted 1 month ago. Edited by flyfishermike (member) 1 month ago
Giant Close Up

Looked for clarity, background, lighting and composition. This one met those criteria as closely as any of my shots in 2020. Plus the subject is beautiful and rare for me to photograph.
Sylvester K 1 month ago
It was not easy to choose the favourite shot for this year, since I am happy with a lot of the photos, especially macros of rare insects I was able to observe. The one I ended up with was a record of a rare and exciting encounter with a predatory bird. The special circumstances were how close the bird was, the autumn colours and the unexpected setting, which was the middle of a public park mid-day during the weekend. The bird was completely undisturbed by the presence of people and took its time bathing. After it was done, it calmly flew away.

Bath time
maverick.nomi 1 month ago

This picture doesn't do justice with the actual beauty of this place, leepa valley, Kashmir.
It is heaven on earth with natural springs, green mountains with pine trees,people with preserved traditional culture and Walnut trees are in abundance in valley, as you can see in the picture as well. People live mostly in wooden houses, in winters this valley stays locked due to heavy snowfall and at some time people dont burry their dead ones and wait for spring time so they can give them proper burial in ground.
Rice(brown) is staple food, red and white beans are speciality of leepa valley and last but not least clear white honey is best honey of this place.
A must visit place.
Stephen Rees Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Stephen Rees (member) 1 month ago
The photo was actually not chosen by me but my partner. She also suggested shots on that same day of flowers - or one of my moon shots. But this one has turned out to be exceptional

Mount Baker GIMPed by Stephen Rees

The mountain is only visible from Vancouver when the weather and air quality is favourable. And the "lock down" had greatly reduced traffic and hence air pollution. The current conditions - with traffic back to "normal" produce this

Smoggy Baker by Stephen Rees
bscjones 1 month ago
I chose my best shot because when I shared it to social media, it got a lot of reaction.
joan6153 1 month ago
This year I've been nurturing Monarch butterflies and have released at least 50 to help restore the dwindling Monarch population. This is a picture of my first baby who rested on a lantana plant before taking flight into the big world. It made her mom proud!

ButterflyMonarch2020-06-18_07 by joan6153
snedex 1 month ago
Because I genuinely liked the photo and it turned out really well as intended, which doesn't happen often for me. A lot of the photos that people like of mine I'm usually on the fence with.

Rainstorm #3
PeeblesPair Posted 1 month ago. Edited by PeeblesPair (member) 1 month ago
While we were visiting my brother in England, the pandemic was just starting to ramp up behind the scenes. We were doing our usual day trips for shooting and these caught my eye from a distance. When I got home to the States and the weeks wore on, the tightly shuttered little huts seemed to reflect so many things about the current issues, including the loss of my mother during this nightmarish time. However the beautiful golden light held the reminder that I can find warmth and positive experiences even in the midst of all of this distancing, if I look hard and work for it.
Locked Down!
jcpuichaud 1 month ago
Very nice colors
keeman44 1 month ago
20200115_1150905 by keeman44

After some health issues in 2019, I’ve been trying to hike 3-4 times a week. I've committed to carrying my gear when I go (OM-D E-M1), and try to plan my schedule based on sunrise/sunset predictions provided by Skyfire in The Photographer’s Ephemeris. When it came time to leave to be sure I’d reach the peak before sunset, I was a hesitant to go. The cloud cover seemed as though it was going to be too thick to illuminate the lower clouds, and I’d never hiked the trail I was planning to use to get to the peak. I debated defaulting to one of my “usual” trails that do not have as much elevation gain. I’m glad I chose plan A instead of plan B. It turned out to be a spectacular sunset. The air was calm, and it was relatively peaceful on the top of the mountain. Even in the middle of the city.

I chose this image over the others in my photo stream for many reasons. The incredible colors in the Arizona sky, the view looking out over the city, and how fortunate I was to be able to capture it. I remember the excitement of seeing the colors develop in the sky. The nervousness trying to capture it before it went away and to not screw up any of the images while hand holding the camera at f8 and 1/8s. Then sitting on the top of the mountain afterward in the orange, pink, then purple light as the sun dipped ever further below the horizon.

Taken from one of the peaks of Shadow Mountain in the Phoenix Mountains Preserve in Phoenix, Arizona. 5 handheld images merged and edited using Photoshop. Additional edits done in Luminar 4 and Lightroom.

Hardware: Olympus OM-D E-M1 MkII, Olympus 12-40mm Pro
Settings: 12mm, f8, 1/8s, ISO 200
M.T.L Photography Posted 1 month ago. Edited by M.T.L Photography (member) 1 month ago
First snow Auroras

I love photographing Northern lights it is one of my passions. I live in Northern Finland and here we can enjoy this wonderful play of nature every winter time.

This image has been taken 24.11.2020 when we had first snow. Beautiful Aurora borealis and the stars were present as the clouds moved away.

For more of my photos take a look at at my website:

My Aurora borealis album
goan photos 1 month ago
The fact is that I had big emotion seen her for the first time on my full screen in Lightroom. Fact is I did not framed her I just turned the camera on the right next to me and clic... The sunlight on the rocks were perfectly splendid!
llondru 1 month ago

This 2020 has been awful. And on top of all the difficulties: no more travels, no more escaping to dream places like Faroe Islands, where this picture belongs.

Fortunately I kept busy going through my catalog and processing many old photographs that I didn't have the time, patience or vision to get correctly at the time.

That picture is one of them. It also gives me hope that normality will return soon.

Also, this was the #1000 public picture I uploaded to Flickr, so it means a lot of different things, all of them equally good to make this picture the best of my 2020

Cheers to everyone and let's keep safe and strong!


Hello, It's Me 1 month ago
The Game
I chose this one because it was hard work to capture - even though it might not look like it. I knew there was a grizzly bear on the other side of that hill and I waited and waited and waited some more. Just when I was almost out of patience, the bear's head popped up over the hill and I got my photo. Within an instant, he moved off, so this pose and setting were gone - just like that! So, for me it is memorable just for the effort and the one shot opportunity.
astrothad 1 month ago
I knew with health conditions that I wouldn't be able to get out to a dark sky site, so I figured it was a great time to try narrowband imaging from my severely light polluted yard. (Yes, you're very isolated when doing astrophotography, but I wasn't going to risk encounters on my 3 hour drive to or back from a site.) This was my first try at a purely narrowband image, and I couldn't believe the level of detail I was able to get. I also accidentally found a trick with opening a 64-bit TIFF file in Photoshop that helped bring out some really subtle detail.

The Lagoon Nebula doesn't get very high above the horizon for me, and it's only a few degrees above trees and my house to the south. But for 4 hours that night, I took in as much light as I could.

The Lagoon Nebula (M8) in bi-color narrowband
I chose this photo because it was an old dream. This is one of the most fantastic and inconspicuous species, threatened with extinction of the also threatened Atlantic Forest. Getting a photo with the "fan" open is a feat that requires patience and a dose of luck as it rarely happens.
Atlantic Royal Flycatcher by João Sérgio Barros F. de Souza
MarkH images Posted 1 month ago. Edited by MarkH images (member) 1 month ago
Who's idea was this anyway!!!

Who's Idea Was This! by MarkH images

Just liked the expressions, reminded me of the way the author of Fluke described the thoughts going through a dogs brain as they look at their masters and humans in general
A.Reef (slow) Posted 1 month ago. Edited by A.Reef (slow) (member) 1 month ago
Why have I chosen this particular photo? It’s a very good question. Most years, it is difficult to select just one shot, especially for people who do not specialize. This year, however, was easy for me, maybe because I did not travel much and had less photo-ops – but also because I got a landscape photo at last that made me happy. Ansel Adams famous saying “Landscape photography is the supreme test of the photographer – and often the supreme disappointment” is very true. How many disappointments did we all have to endure?

I got lucky with the weather in my last couple of trips up North. Chilly misty September mornings were great. Every time, paddling in a kayak at sunrise was a magical experience. On that particular morning, the sun was almost invisible - yet it did provide beautiful light and created, together with mist, perfect conditions for photography. I’ve never been on the Mattawa river before, so I got double lucky to have found this wonderful little island with a lone cedar tree there. When you are in the right place at the right time, your camera can do the rest.

Mattawa Perspective
SL TRUTH, SNS MEDIA Posted 1 month ago. Edited by SL TRUTH, SNS MEDIA (member) 1 month ago

I chose this photo 2020 best photo because:

I am within my neighborhood within massive W2 and local travesty. I'm in America Midwest. My neighborhood and employers were hit of a coworker. My home were unlawfully bulldozed. There are strangers everywhere. Several of my neighbors that are dear to me have died, several were under the age of 50. We were supposed to grow old together in the parks and under the trees like the older neighbors did. I'm raising all kinds of hell at the nation. All kinds. One of my dearest, the one that always laughed and we did really wild things together a group of us. I'm the quiet on of the group. So quiet many in the neighborhood didn't even know what my voice sounded like though they saw me nearly everyday. it's like how do I do this without her. We didn't talk everyday after a few years of daily everything because of schedules and workpaths though our careers are Super parallel though different States. She was our glue. Our gatherer. I'm our quiet church girl school books data. I'm the one that doesn't mess up. The that paperwork is in, I saw, I already said it or I already did it or I'm staying the course...So the neighborhood is trying to change and I'm just like, uh naw bruh: justifying things, screaming in my sleep IF I get a chance to sleep.

Everyday my soul aches with like this cry that only ebbs if I sing or make art or take photos or am justifying things or following up on things. Everyday I look around me all day to get a breather from being so digitally tethered to issues I feel like a human radioactive ohm. I snap photos of everything and I look at them later, realizing I like art and photography but photography is typically for record keeping or justification not for appreciating the art of things around me unless I force the issue, with myself. So, my battery were low and the leaves were changing colors and the season right before the snow where the leaves fall were about to approach. I snapped the pictures. Didn't look at the roll, for weeks except to remember the colors. Really the origin of making sure I had the fall colors is typically the University showcases seasonal photos. The beauty of the Midwest is Summer is our, eh with the exception of barefeet. You know, water...the lake... fireworks...a bathing suit....just peachy blah blah blah...but the leaves, they're different every fall, every. The snow is beautiful in the first snows. It's light and puffy and not really cold. It's really the water from snow melting that when the cold wind dries it the body reacts to the dried water's temperature that effects shivers or it's the body knowing the warmth of heat that makes it understand the difference between cold and heat...point is, it's the Midwest.

Photographically: No two winter's or falls or spring are the same. Its exciting to await the meetings of the New seasons. The only thrill about summer is being barefoot outside and flower blooms and the smell of freshly cut grass. I'm very olfactory or visually or auditory or tactile or tactile gustation stimulated. I go for texture with taste than just taste. Even that's a expectation. When I saw the photo a couple days ago I was like wow. It's almost coral salmon colored like flanked with the softest contrast of pink in a adjacent tree. I'm Midwest Chicago W2 Universities' NCA HLC Divisions I II III. A very high powered, upper higher up. The highest. I live NWI, same address as: three days after my birth, September 12, 1969. My birthday is September 9, 1969. 51 years and the photo is the only time I have ever seen that tree, that color. Wow. So, this is my best photograph 2020. Wish I knew how to add the pic to this post. Shrug. Awesome Best photo scroll, glad I got the email.

About to peruse, just to relax a little. Then I gotta go make Xmas cards and the art for the twins, my 5th and 6th grandchildren. It'll be 4 girls and 2 boys ratio up from 3 girls 1 boy. Twins are due in a couple weeks. I make art for them to have a non conventional style of influx they could forever draw from. I make separate art sets for each child three or four times a year. I would try photography but I just do not like it unless it is entirely on the fly or for work or a haphazard like this photo. Each child has a different character. Before I make the art, looking at photos or making pre art relaxes me. So thanks for the email.
photogeek54 1 month ago
It was very difficult to choose. But I have tried for years to get a good photo of a dragonfly. Prior to this I never even got a bad photo. They would always fly away before I could get close. I saw this dragonfly and he just stayed in place from several feet away. So I took a photo. I then got closer and closer taking a photo every few steps closer. I finally reach the point where my lens would not focus any closer. A small amount of cropping (I did not have my macro lens) and I not only had a dragonfly photo but I had one that really pleased me!
Replic21 Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Replic21 (member) 1 month ago
Sunrise in park 3 by Replic21

I chose this image because I still think it's one of my best shots in the park, it was a sunrise, the godrays came in between the trees onto the path, I think it does make the photo with a lot of depth, it just feels right.

I did have another one I really liked of a Portret of my boyfriend, but I think this one I posted was just a better one over all
cazazz 1 month ago
I chose a photo that captures a sense of isolation (a feature of life in 2020!), but also a feeling of complete calm. I was camping by Lake Cootharaba (Queensland, Australia) with friends a few weeks ago, and got up just after dawn for a quiet walk by myself.
It was so peaceful. The water was completely calm, the sun slowly spreading across the sky. A solitary rowing boat drew my eye. It's just an iPhone shot, but for me it reflects that sense of time and place, and looking at the shot takes me back there.
Lonely boat on the lake by cazazz
costales_l 1 month ago
Sense of drama was important to me. I usually work in color but this image I took a few days ago also has a sense of timelessness and unexpected humor - the man is waring a Star Wars tee-shirt.
dbrothier 1 month ago
I choosed that one because of the mist. Bonifacio is a well known place in Corsica and there are tons of pictures showing this place - I went here many times but this last summer I had this surprise when I saw the mist , like a scarf surrounding the high town
La ville dans les nuages / Town in clouds
Philip Van Ootegem Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Philip Van Ootegem (member) 1 month ago

I was quite surprised when I was asked to document the collapse of the red light district in the outskirts of Ghent (Belhium), the city where I live. I hesitated very briefly and now I’m happy I agreed.

In my country window prostitution is allowed. However, most cities and towns are trying to get rid of the phenomenon. And it must be said, the Covid 19 pandemic has proved to be helpful in that respect.

This project has taken me me to unfamiliar places where I met ordinary people who are constantly confronted with prejudice and disapproval. Some are victims, some are not. All have stories to tell.

The project has now been halted for the time being, but the plan is to dig deeper.

I am Valen, and I am gender-fluid... if one looks at my photostream, one would see that I have been documenting my strange journey, maybe in an obsessive way? Maybe as a way to understand myself :)

I am terrible at taking photos, and I use my cell phone, not a proper camera. I normally use the timer, and I do all the photos myself. In this one, I think I was super lucky with the light, and I think the camera captured a playful, honest expression.

Black dress with white outlines

I think that is it! So nothing on technique or anything like that, since I am quite rubbish :) BUt maybe an honest joyful moment, caught by the light, frozen in time..

vrhszxpy33 Posted 1 month ago. Edited by vrhszxpy33 (member) 1 month ago
I take a lot of wildlife and bird photos. This one I caught by surprise. I was photographing a Great Egret when this Great Blue Heron came out of nowhere.
DSC_3425_DxO by vrhszxpy33
BHF3737 1 month ago
I came across this little yellow warbler feeding a much larger bird's chick. She was flying back and forth and putting food in the mouth of the chick, endlessly. Surprisingly she was dedicated to the job and was repeating this for several days. It seems that the chick was a cowbird's and the warbler was acting as a stepmom. Mother's love is endless, and in animal world every little life matters.
20200719 Stepmother's Love! by BHF3737
monochrome…arts Posted 1 month ago. Edited by monochrome…arts (member) 1 month ago
Hello together,

the answer is as simple as the picture. I like the simplicity and the wooden structures on the image a lot. And to be honest it took me only one minute time to capture it. I captured it on a walk through a small village at the German countryside in November 2020.

And the second thing is, for me it proofs that it doesn't matter wich camera you use. The picture ist taken with a mobile phone, to be honest.

Best regards, Nikolaj
cseeman 1 month ago
Fox Squirrels on a Snowy Winter's Day in Ann Arbor at the University of Michigan 2/2020 205/P365Year12 4222/P365all-time (January 2, 2020)

Kinda funny and right on task for 2020 that my favorite picture was taken on January 2nd. I guess it was all downhill from there.

For a number of years, I have participated in Project365 and essentially if a picture is in that group, it is a semifinalist. So I went through all of them and kept coming back to this on of a squirrel perfectly perched on an iron fence pondering off into the future. This little one was eating on the fence and sometimes they will run towards or away from me when I approach. But this one just stayed there, letting me take a bunch of pictures before getting a treat. I take pictures of the campus squirrels at the University of Michigan every day I am on campus. That was far fewer times this year because of COVID-19.

I sometimes take pictures and am disappointed that they did not come out as well as I hoped when I am taking them. It is a different experience to review your shots of the day. But this is an instance where I think the picture was better than what it was. I love how it fades off to the right as the fence gets further and further from the focus. I also love how the fence blends into the background of browns that is common for those winter days when there is no snow cover.

This picture, in retrospect, captures the uncertainty and the unknown that 2020 represents.
cl2t 1 month ago
I took many pictures of this bug but the one looking at me after I had did some photoshop work on it really turned me on.
062220 - Nebraska Shelf Cloud Madness 022

A day I didn't have my chasing partner with me and it was to be just a local storm chase close to home. It turned out to be one of the best photographic storm chases of 2020! #nebraskasc
ALI MAC55 1 month ago
I did not take a lot this year so this is the choice, plus social distancing has become the norm a small statement about that.
squarequilter (Betty) -- -- PRAY for the World Posted 1 month ago. Edited by squarequilter (Betty) -- -- PRAY for the World (member) 1 month ago
I don't know. I guess it is just the way she is looking as though she is deep in thought.

Smile on Saturday - Selective Colour
wilypueo 1 month ago
Waikiki Walls is a place I love to visit on my photo walks and is popular place for many other local photographers, as well. I chose this photo as my favorite of the year because with a little luck and with a little effort I captured a moment that for me captures the spirit of activity here.
WaikikiWallA11012020 by wilypueo
I chose this polar bear image from a recent trip to Churchill, Manitoba. This was a special moment for me and definitely ticked off a big bucketlist item.

Churchill Polar Bears
AndyHi8 1 month ago
I love the look of the fur of squirrels. It's a challenge to get close enough to see the detail, but I was very happy with the results in this photograph.
Red squirrel
Photography by Sharon Farrell Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Photography by Sharon Farrell (member) 1 month ago
Pink Moon... by Photography by Sharon Farrell


Why is this my favorite photo of 2020?

Well, this is a tribute to a child I raised. My nephew, Jack. The first six years of his life had been tremendously difficult. When he got sick, he came to live with me. Shortly thereafter, we moved to a log cabin. At night, we would look out his bedroom window together. One night, when the moon was full and bright, we noticed a herd of deer playing in the field below us. In the moonlight, they pranced and appeared as fairy deer. It was magical. I turned to look at him. This child I loved so much. His face was so beautifully lit. so full of wonder and awe.

Moonlight became our shared treasure.

Some thirty years later, on the night of the Pink Moon in April 2020, just days before his birthday, I asked him to photograph his view of it so we could share it. He did. And so did I. We posted our photos on a social media site and unknowingly picked the same cover song. "The Moon and the Sky" by Sade.

Sometimes magic happens when it means the most.
greyloch Posted 1 month ago. Edited by greyloch (member) 1 month ago
Because of COVID-19, a lot of the events I travel to were canceled or went virtual. With no face-to-face interaction I've had to get creative on my photos (macro, lighting, exposures, time of day, et al.). This photo was one of the few outings I did in 2020 to the Maryland Zoo.

I love taking photos of animals as they usually do something weird and funny when I'm around. But the look on this chimp's face was... I don't think I could re-create it. I took about five shots before this one and another five afterwards. While all were good, this one just stood out from the rest. I even showed it to one of the zookeepers which is very unusual for me.

PABpics 1 month ago
I like to favour images that capture a moment, a happenstance or a situation that meant the photographer was in the right place at the right time. A very individual eye if you like. A smile of surprise and delight to get ‘that’ shot ‘then’. Beautiful scenery or architecture will always be beautiful, while the light, the configuration, the framing, form, colour or shadows that comprise that special shot I enjoy and appreciate aren’t anything contrived or manufactured.

This was a turn, see, shoot and check later shot. He moved away to his work a second later and I knew that was a photo no one else would get. To be happy with the composition, colour and attitude just delighted me.
erichudson78 1 month ago
Le Mont Saint-Michel

I love going to Mont Saint-Michel, which represents beauty and serenity to me. I look for places and lights that enhance it. At the end of the day, the sky was cloudy and the descending sun gave magnificent glares. I was able to take the photo I wanted.
M R Holm 1 month ago
Plop! - the sequel [Congrats on Explore! ⭐ November 17, 2020] by M R Holm

I chose this shot because it is the image I invested the most time and effort in to capture. I have never done anything like it before so I am very pleased with the result.
kr428 1 month ago
Personally... looking at my photo stream of 2020 and choosing the one I liked best, both visually and talking about memories attached to it (posting a mobile picture each day taken out of a particular moment, this applies to all but to some much more than others... :) ).
Nancy zjaba Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Nancy zjaba (member) 1 month ago
Magic of summer

From a technical standpoint, I consider this my most difficult shot, although I think I probably had prettier shots this year. I went out three nights over the course of July to capture a firefly shot. Stood on the edge of the field, feeding the mosquitoes LOL. Each time I learned more until I was able to get this shot. Still a little noisier than I'd like, but definitely worth it.
hmeyvalian 1 month ago
Il Parco in una cornice di ghiaccio  -  Parc de la Rivière-des-Mille-Îles

I don't know if it's my best photograph of 2020 but it certainly fills me with the most emotions. It was a February morning walk, along the bank of the frozen river while the snow cheerfully reflected the warm rays of the sun. A carefree moment, that did not foreshadow the nightmare of the pandemic that awaited us. Looking at that photo again this morning, I want to share with you in seeing in that splendid light, the hope of perceiving the end of the pandemic and returning to our normal life with our loved ones that we all wish.
#Floressence 1 month ago
I chose an atmosphere rather than a technically perfect photo. What you feel when you look at a shot is like looking at a painting. I chose a place which is away from the crowd, where viruses don't happen and where nature is unaware of what is happening.
I hope the viewers will feel the freedom that transpires through the landscape captured by the eye.

cl2t 1 month ago
Like most photographs, being in the right place at the right time and taken the advantage of that moment. I felt that this bug and I had made contact just for a moment, then he flow off to never be see by me again. But I have something on file to remember that moment in his and my life. The wonders that GOD provides for us is awesome and there for us to enjoy.
Thanks for the question.
ricktrains4824 1 month ago
I was in the right place to catch the photo I uploaded. As a amatuer hobby photographer, I snap what I like, or what jumps out as a good grab.
This one, I caught a US Navy pilot doing "Touch & Go" practice with a jet, and snagged a very clear crisp flying shot on one of their approaches. Most of my "in flight" shots don't quite turn out as crisp when they are that close up, but this one did.
First up close, crisp, in flight Military jet photo I've ever caught.
Stefano Rugolo Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Stefano Rugolo (member) 1 month ago
Grass and bubbles

I just love bubble bokeh. And old vintage lenses allow to give that result with some atmosphere for a reasonable price. This was snapped, of course wide open, with the cheap, bit plasticky Pentacon 50mm f1.8 that can give some really satisfying frames.
gerrydude 1 month ago
I choose to post my image of Leonard Cohen, because I received a first Merit Award from this year's CAPA 2020 Open competition!
My love - I get a lot of beautiful portraits of her -- and they are often well received.
She is beautiful and she tends to show it well in front of the camera.

Some of my best pictures of her are actually just quick test shots when trying out a new camera, film, lens or something else. - This was supposed to be a quick test of a Medium Format 180mm F/3.2 lens where I was supposed to just test the lens' movements at F/3.2. - I forgot to open op the aperture from F/8 and got a bit underexposed negative. But it came out quite cool. - Currently my favorite posted portrait of her. The accidental smaller aperture probably suited her better than the F/3.2 would have done.

Currently my favorite portrait of her
--Conrad-N-- 1 month ago

It was a long trip to the alps for social media photo shootings, we got some great shots but this one scene was simply the best for me, i dont even need heavy post processing here it was allready great in the preview, this rarely happen to me thats why i choose it for a "shot of the year" i wish a great chritmas time and good luck for the close new year!
Kirsi L-M 1 month ago
It's been a... difficult year for almost everybody, to say the least. So when there has been joy, it has been cherished. As people had been cooped up in their lockdown holes for weeks, beautiful and warm spring weather and the blooming cherries were for many one of those rare wonderful moments of the year. I wanted to capture that, and I somewhat succeeded.

2020 was a prolific year for me for producing photos. I chose one that I liked, was proud of and unique to 2020. Comet NEOWISE in the dawn light, I don't know if/when I'll get the chance to photograph a comet again.
Comet NEOWISE in the dawn light by m i k e h a w k i n s
d.kevan Posted 1 month ago. Edited by d.kevan (member) 1 month ago
I chose this photo not only because I am very pleased with it, but also because it represents a time when we were blindly innocent of what was about to hit us! I was in Melbourne visiting my family (I live in Spain and had organised a long visit from mid December to mid Feb) At this time the huge worry for us all were the terrible fires that had been devastating huge parts of Australia since Sept/October. My brother had planned to take me on a trip and we had to change our plans, staying closer to Melbourne!Our plan B was a great success and after having dinner in a wonderful Italian restaurant in the township of Cowes (Phillip Island, West Gippsland) we went for a little walk and this is what we saw! Peace and beauty! One month after I arrived back in Madrid, Spain shut down!
Seakayem 1 month ago
i liked the fact that mine had the same cheeky cockatoo as we knew last summer (and a few summers before that). it gave a sense of continuity to what has been an unpredictable year. i also liked that i had been looking at settings and scenarios for this gear combo all year and this output was this first i was really happy with.
Cartale 1 month ago

Being part of Macro Mondays where we constantly challenge ourselves to see different objects and techniques I was extremely happy with this picture. I got the light perfectly showing the small lines and colorful "fruiit pulp of this very green and ripe lime.
I ate limes each day this Summer thinking of my health and building up those boosting c-vitamins to last the horrible pandemic.

My choice for the best picture for 2020.
2020 didn't give me too many chances to capture my usual amount of images in a year, so my body of work for the year was rather thin compared to other years. Ironically this made it easier to chose a stand out image for me, as I didn't have to wade through tons and tons of images. Here's my image, taken on my birthday, about 2 weeks before our country went into a very hard lockdown. Since the school I work at hasn't had any sport or cultural events since March, I've also not been practicing my shooting as much, which was both a blessing and a curse.

Goodnight sun
uchida.micah.a Posted 1 month ago. Edited by uchida.micah.a (member) 1 month ago
CRS-20 Falcon 9 launching the final Dragon to the International Space Station by uchida.micah.a

There are a few reasons for my submission of this photo as my best shot of the year. On one hand, a long exposure of a SpaceX Falcon 9 return to landing zone at night is a photo that I never expected to be able to take. At least not from so close to the launch complex and landing zones. This is definitely a "bucket list shot" of mine and I ended up putting far more planning and effort into this single exposure than any others that I shot in the year and was absolutely stunned with the results. I won't forget the excitement that I had when checking my camera for the first time following the launch and celebrating the shots that myself and other photographers at the event managed to capture.

On the other hand, this was photographed in early March, just about a week before the first major COVID-19 restrictions went into place. This event and this photo in particular very much represents the last few moments before our world changed and will always be an important milestone to me as I reflect upon the year.
judithjackson957 1 month ago
Stillness in the Light

It took a while for me to surrender to this photo being my favorite for the whole year. There are many more dynamic, attention grabbing photos in my photostream. What it all came down to was the quality of light. This was a special exhibit at the Toledo Museum of Art, of a number of painters works displayed in this dark room, each in a pool of its own light. I walked into the room just as this woman walked into the pool of rich light around this Cezanne, and I snapped it before she could move. There is something about the warmth of the light, the way it pulls out the texture on the woman's shirt, the natural vignette and when I look at this photo I get a sense of timelessness. It almost feels like I have walked into a scene arranged by Rembrandt. The photo touches my heart, and that is why I selected it as my favorite.
msessions + 1 month ago
My photo is of a Katydid Nymph. It came into my view as a very pleasant surprise. I was out on the small deck overlooking the backyard during one morning in June. I first noticed it scaling the heights and depths of a seashell sitting on the railing of the deck. At first I thought it was a small piece of a leaf. But as I slowly looked closer I saw it was very much a distinct creature. After successfully traversing the seashell, it began its monumental march along the railing of the deck. Getting my camera, I moved cautiously as I took photo after photo. It was not phased by my presence and that added to my joy. What a fantastic little life! So delicate and well-equipped with its amazingly long antennae and long limbs. I chose this photo as it reveals all the wonders of this young one so crisply, clear of any possible distractions.
Francis Mansell Posted 1 month ago. Edited by Francis Mansell (member) 1 month ago
With some difficulty, is the short answer! In the end I scrolled through all the hundreds of images I'd posted this year, chose about 15 likely candidates, looked at them again, ruled out a few not taken this year - the first lockdown in the UK led me into a lot of digging in the archives and reprocessing - and then finally umm-ed and aah-ed at some length over the last 4 or 5 shots. I love 'em all or they wouldn't have made the final shortlist but eventually I went with the image that seemed the least clichéd/most original; it also had a particular wow factor for me at the time for how well both the RAW image and the processing worked out:
torn apart by Francis Mansell
"Ellen" 1 month ago
It was rather easy for me.. I bought a new full frame camera in July, so I haven't accrued a lot of images with it. And the only camera I shot with in 2020 is the new camera. I like the bees on the Marigolds. I think it was in the Fall when the bees are gathering for Winter. These two look like twins.

Bees by "Ellen"
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