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31710514 5:32am, 9 December 2009
Hey all!
What do you think would be a good topic to be featured next on the Flickr Blog?

I vote for Pregnancy or Strobist.
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Brian Aslak PRO 7 years ago
I'd say Architecture or Travel. But that's because that's what most of my photos are about.
ruthless photos 7 years ago
DOGS!!! :)
Rangefinder. 7 years ago
nth-dimension 7 years ago
I vote for Strobist.
Karl Randay [deleted] 7 years ago
How about jumping? Lot of jumping shots this year...
Midnight - Digital PRO 7 years ago
Elsie K13 7 years ago
Travel or Architecture
Fletcher Gravy PRO 7 years ago
☆Kim☆ 7 years ago


Hmm maybe celebrity's.
m.westin 7 years ago
Self Portraits or still life.
Der Ohlsen PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Der Ohlsen (member) 7 years ago
Lighthouses - nothing else. ;)

edit: If I think about it... double exposures would also be ok.
Bekah Stargazing PRO 7 years ago
Maybe high-key or low-key..?
Engineer J 7 years ago
Stars, as in sky.
little FLY!
Arunthoma... 7 years ago
Invisible but Visible...
slimmer_jimmer 7 years ago
toy camera...
All My Photos Suck [deleted] 7 years ago
Art , science and religion co-existing in society. Or goth kids staring at clocks.
marysiaquiet PRO 7 years ago
meadow_grl PRO 7 years ago
Church of One 7 years ago
James Laidlaw 7 years ago
Emo kids staring at goth kids staring at clocks?
The Nocturnal Weirdo 7 years ago
I think cameras or lenses will be a nice one...
Wat abt that???
I vote for CAMERA ;)
Je ne suis pas là. [deleted] 7 years ago
Bekah Stargazing PRO 7 years ago
Preppy narcissistic kids ignoring the emo kids staring at goth kids staring at clocks.

I had to continue the chain.
sinecura [deleted] 7 years ago
Conceptual photography
I like still life...something that everyone can take part in
bnoman 7 years ago
action shots please!
May B Knott 7 years ago
tribute shots
mcorideo12 7 years ago
WeCanCam 7 years ago
old people
Cha Mercado 7 years ago
i vote for strobist too
ukaaa PRO 7 years ago
Video :)
walter s. parker 7 years ago
Red Vee XIII 7 years ago
shojikitsune 7 years ago
110, 126 or disc :p

Box cameras?

Funny or Strange
noamgalai PRO 7 years ago

egal_ist_88 7 years ago
Film errors.
alex [in wonderland] 7 years ago
maybe emptiness
or candids
tiamukherjee PRO 7 years ago
different countries - like peru or india or italy
Magic Liwanag 7 years ago
landscapes maybe :) or did they do that already?
kintired PRO 7 years ago
Détourist 7 years ago
Derelict buildings
Mario De Leo 7 years ago
M aka Marcello 7 years ago
Why not simply Macro?
Susan Sandérus PRO 7 years ago
Holga or toy cameras
Alicia Napier Photography (oc girl) PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Alicia Napier Photography (oc girl) (member) 7 years ago
Pregnancy is good too!
SuperDewa PRO 7 years ago
vanishing technology
its me...jeff! 7 years ago
I think a coolest "best of" category would be one to fit the season, The Cold ... any pictures of ice, snow, winter, or anything freezing could be used
All My Photos Suck [deleted] 7 years ago
Pregnancy would just be weird.
james m 7 years ago

I think a coolest "best of" category would be one to fit the season, The Cold .....

But it is summer :P

and as already mentioned .... Polaroid.
alibubba PRO 7 years ago
Face art!
tomo_moko PRO 7 years ago
flowers! :)
High Octane Photos 7 years ago
Travel - for purely biased reasons... my favourite / most popular
(as determined by flickr) shot for 2009 was a travel shot... :)
douglasjason34 7 years ago
how about ducks?
sarah_wood 7 years ago
dogs in action =] or trees.
www.sapr.in 7 years ago
sunflowers! :)
Dancing Bohunk PRO 7 years ago
I can't believe nobody has mentioned sunrise/sunset yet. I guess I just did. :)
Ignacio Abalos [deleted] 7 years ago
Human Factor
Bucks nature tog PRO Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Bucks nature tog (member) 7 years ago
Winter as it is very apt at the moment unless of course you live in the Southern Hemisphere, but then you have had plenty of time to get your photos upload so wont be excluded.
washawaymyfears 7 years ago
i am down for reflections too. got to love a good reflection shot
Port City Pictures 7 years ago
lighthouses, seasonal, or action shots...I have some really cool racing pix...
wunztwice 7 years ago
Boats, water, or seasonal (Christmas holiday).
fdecomite PRO 7 years ago
Justin Gilliland 7 years ago
Hands =]
silhouettes :D
B.Romain 7 years ago
Strobist !
Sarawak Lens 7 years ago
Seasonal (Christmas or holiday season) would be good.
camera_c PRO 7 years ago
sgoralnick PRO 7 years ago
photos with a bit of backstory that tell WHY they are someone's best of the year.
Virtual Zavie 7 years ago
Sound. :-)
SavaTheAggie PRO 7 years ago
Eli Reinholdtsen 7 years ago
" U r b a n "
riknran-can PRO 7 years ago
aged barns, sheds, farm houses, etc...
GRIZWIZ 7 years ago
Pregnancy is cool
thespeak 7 years ago
I hate to disqualify my own shot, but I'd agree with polaroids. Considering what the polaroid photographers have endured this past year, it seems only just to recognize their continued perseverance.
Yanks4Life23519 7 years ago
mamabird5o 7 years ago
I vote with derelict buildings, and also with aged barns, sheds, farmhouses, etc. They always look particularly forlorn in the dead of winter.
lastminutesave 7 years ago
donkey tiara 7 years ago
what's a strobist? only my goat is pregnant here.....
Deutero 7 years ago
ZannieGirl49 PRO 7 years ago
travel duck photos 7 years ago
How about photographers taking photos of Preppy narcissistic kids ignoring the emo kids staring at goth kids staring at clocks


travel ducks

Thats one hot duck by travel duck photos
Konah Z [deleted] 7 years ago
Col_C 7 years ago
Elliot young 7 years ago
deer  by Elliot young
Bucks nature tog PRO 7 years ago
Photos of events that made the news...............
York Cottage 7 years ago
How about Fruit

Apples in Water by York Cottage
Michael Angelo 77 PRO 7 years ago
Polution/ Saving the Earth, you know...The Al Gore thing, inconvenient thrurth... ;)
Erice7 7 years ago
(Angel)ine 7 years ago
Wow, so many ideas xD
Ehr, DRAMA :D (?)
Lainmoon 7 years ago
Abandoned place.
IanAWood 7 years ago
Whats the decision then?
Tom™5 PRO 7 years ago
I'd go with In the news.
Photos that represent the big stuff that happened in 2009.
pompoB 7 years ago
How about naked lenses!?!?
Regan Norton 7 years ago
Flowers, or portraits.

Do not to pregnancy, because there is some young photographers who do not take picture of pregnancy, nor like seeing it, like myself and others.
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