Manual or Auto?

far thread [deleted] 4:25pm, 22 June 2012

I have had my XSi now going on two year's and I still have been playing with it - I mostly shoot in auto but want to branch out.

I was wondeirng since such Great pictures on here what do others with an XSi shoot in?
jdawn1982 6 years ago
Usually Manual or Av
manleyaudio PRO 6 years ago
jdawn1982, I agree!

Aperture Priority (Av) is a great way to control the DOF. Higher F# less DOF, and vice versa lower F# more Bokeh.
__stuart__ PRO 6 years ago
I use Av 90% of the time.
For landscapes i put it on an aperture of f/8 and just shoot.
for other stuff i check if i need more dof or less dof.

I use manual when i use an external flash. In that way it can be controlled better.

I never use auto anymore. Mainly because i shoot in the raw format and auto only does jpg.
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