manleyaudio PRO 2:43pm, 5 October 2010
Just pulled the trigger on this bad boy two days ago and I'm so stoked to receive it from Adorama. I've really been wanting a high quality L series wide angel to replace the 18-55 kit lens that came with my XSi. the 18-55 is a great starter lens but I think its been log overdue to step up the glass. I also snagged a Induro AKB1 tripod from ebay for a great deal. I think its going to be really important to use a light weight sturdy pair of sticks to get some great long exposure night shots.
Has anyone really needed IS with a decent amount of light for handheld shots?
I also have the 70-20 F4 non IS and I think these two L lenses are going to work out well for me. I really enjoy the Telephoto lens, but I have notices that since the XSi doesn't have an really high ISO there needs to be a fair amount of light without a tripod.
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