Prime VS L Zoom

manleyaudio PRO 8:00pm, 6 May 2010
I want to make a lens upgrade, and I'm having a hard time with these two factors.
The image sharpness of the Prime lenses are better, but the flexibility of a zoom is unbeatable. If you have any input to throw on the table please share.
banewood54 8 years ago
IMHO, I'd go for the versatility of the zoom lens first. While I like the prime, I don't use it nearly as much as the zoom.
manleyaudio PRO 8 years ago
Thanks banewood54. After weeks of research I decided to go with the 70-200mm f4 L series lens. Its long focal length is exactly what I need.
banewood54 8 years ago
Wow! That's a serious lens.
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