Stace. 4:53am, 2 June 2009
Since everyone in this group has the same camera, I thought I'd ask you guys!

I am a very new photographer... so I'm still trying to figure this all out!
I have my camera on manual mode, and I can change the shutter speed and aperture and stuff, but everytime I shoot a picture (without a flash of course) it turns out sooooooooo dark.
The exposure is at -2, but I can't figure out how to change that, and put it back at 0!

Please reply! I hate shooting in the automatic modes. It's so annoying, and makes the picture unoriginal.

Thank you :)
giant party [deleted] 9 years ago
Hi Stace

Here are a couple of things that may help.

On the back of the camera there is a button marked AV you can try pressing this to set the compensation.

The second option is as such:

Press the menu button
turn the main dial to select shooting 2
press the up and down cross key to select AEB
Press the set button (the scale should be revealed)
Toggle through to the desired level.

Hope this helps
manleyaudio PRO 9 years ago
Hey Stacie,

when your shooting in Manual, use the aperture (F#) to allow more light into the lens, the higher the # the less light will enter. Then set the shutter speed, the faster shutter the less light will allow in the lens, and the longer the shutter will allow more light. Then set the ISO speed, but the higher the # the more noise will occur, and more light will enter. When using auto focus you will see a blinking light on what ever setting is not quite right for that expousure. I find when using Manual mode a tripod make life a lot easier. Hope this helps.

TonyHawkLookalike 9 years ago
M mode can be inerently challenging. It places alot of responsibility on the photographer to balance the shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. Rookies like us will always struggle in this mode.

There are some basic guidelines and charts available in photography books and of course the valuable "Sunny 16 rule" can be a great reference guide or starting point to get you in range of acceptable exposure. (I have literally printed this and carried it with me on occasion)

You can also adjust the plus minus on the exposure screen to correct some problems, assuming you have time to review previous photos and make the adjustments for the next ones...

I find Tv and Av modes much easier because it forces the camera to do some of the work. You can look at something and decide what YOU want to control. An example would be in Tv mode (maybe you are shooting a waterfall for example), you set the Shutter speed for a longer exposure, maybe 1 to 3 seconds or something... the camera will then decide on the best aperture.
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