rushgal 9:46pm, 11 October 2010
The "Me" in the title is not ME, I found this blog during a google image search...

The Drummer, the Private Eye, and Me (Rush Fans Take Note)
Emily D Spivy PRO 8 years ago
That was an excellent post. Thanks!
PaulJenkin 8 years ago
I'm not someone who becomes envious of other people's possessions or status in life - but how many of us would LOVE to have swapped places with the bloke in the story posted above? Me for one........
mudrickphoto 8 years ago
nice thanks for the link
pbeens 7 years ago
Great story. Thanks for sharing.
scott branine PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for the link I loved reading it and forwarded to a bigger Rush fan than myself.
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