accessible flame [deleted] 6:00am, 17 July 2009
i've been thinking about this for awhile. 10 years maybe.

Why does a person like Rush? What is the attraction?

Does a person that likes Rush fit into a mold? Can you pick one out in a crowd?

I'm just wondering... what does the average Rush fan look like?

Although i know lots of people that say they like Rush, non of them are at my level. Not even close.

Gerd in K.C.
Kaptain Kobold 9 years ago
: "what does the average Rush fan look like?"

Perhaps we could all do a full-face self-portrait and then merge them together :-)
accessible flame [deleted] 9 years ago
I remember the first time I went to see a Rush cover band, Thunderhead I think they were called. They were very good.

I looked around the stage area and noticed 4-5 guys over in a corner up front. The geekiest guys in the room. Then it dawned on me. They were the average Rush fan. Me, not so much.
rushgal Posted 9 years ago. Edited by rushgal (admin) 9 years ago
we could all look in the mirror, but it's hard to contemplate the word 'average' in the same sentence anywhere with 'Rush'...
PaulJenkin 9 years ago
Rush fans, in my experience, wouldn't join a club that would have them as members. The one thing I wouldn't want to be regarded as is a 'sheep' that follows a trend.

The fact that the band have never produced simultaneous albums that are much alike is the main source of attraction to me. It reduces the potential for boredom. Also, the fact that they don't seem to take themselves too seriously is a major advantage.

If they ever started to court chart success, I'd have to change my allegiances. The money is not the thing, as far as I can see. Okay, they're not poor but they certainly appear to put the music FIRST and foremost.

I could not go to watch a cover band of Rush. That would be like pretending cold tea was a 15 year old single malt whiskey. Absolutely pointless.
rushgal 9 years ago
eooow contrare... i request rush at every local show i go to. one band i see quite often is almost ready to do yyz...
PaulJenkin 9 years ago

Even if they band to which you refer were note-perfect on every song Rush ever recorded, they can never be Rush. It's very flattering to Rush (or any band) there are those who seem to emulate them but, for me, I feel it's time wasted.

If that band genuinely has that degree of musical ability, it is such a shame to limit oneself to being a clone of the original. Playing the occasional cover-version of a song is one thing but the point I was trying to make is that there is only ever one "original".
far-flung yarn [deleted] 9 years ago
Well it all started n 1976 when my older brother, who I shared a room with came in with a borrowed recording of All The Worlds a Stage, he then went out to the Pub and I played that tape until it burnt through, literally. I mean the distorted live recordings of Bastille Day and Anthem are immense!! After that I was obsessed and started buying as much of their stuff as I could and was desperate to see them. Big Bruv being a good artist then proceeded to paint the Rush Logo (Inside of 2112, man facing circled star) on the loft ceiling. 1978 arrived and a Rush tour was announced in Sounds or NME , I was so blown away and have gone on to see them numerous more times.

The thing I love about Rush above everything else is their lyrics, Peart is the Master, his poetry, imagination and story telling is pure escapsm and a rough guide to life at the same time. Very closely followed by their music, which is a fantastic blend of Heavy & Progressive Rock and is technically brilliant. Each member holds their own up and puts in a lot more giving them the sound of at least a 5 piece.

My favourite albums are Rush, Hemispheres, Moving Pictures, Hold Your Fire and Vapour Trails, roll on the next (UK) tour....
accessible flame [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by accessible flame (member) 9 years ago
I concur with Rushgal on the topic of cover bands.

I've seen the real thing about 10 times or so in the past 3 decades and also have seen them on my numerous DVD's.

That 3 guys can re-create all that sound on stage just like it sounds on their albums just makes going to see the bevy of cover bands fun and humorous.

The cover bands typically do a pretty good job in recreating the songs and they also have more gear and gadgets to do all that than most other bands.

I have to give those folks props on trying to be faithful to the songs. It's got to be really tough to get it all right, but the toughest part is playing in front of a bunch of life long Rush freaks who have probably spent more than 50% of their time that they spend on music, listening to these old songs over and over and over and over.

Even if I had any talent as a musician there is no way I would be in a Rush cover band. Way too many knowledgeable word-for-word, note-for-note critics. It's has to be one of the toughest bar gigs around, exceptin' maybe playing at Bob's Country Bunker.

On a happier note....

It looks like Rush has managed to evade Jan Wenner's annual "celebration of himself and how great he is" again this year in the RoR HOF festivities. I hope he lives forever, the freak.

Congrats to ABBA, Jimmy Cliff, The Stooges, Genesis and The Hollies for their inclusion into a HOF of any kind.

Rock and Roll has evidently evolved and is in this century is whatever Jan says it is.

The Hollies should of been in long ago. The rest of this years inductees leave a lot to be desired as far as RnR goes in my mind.

I'm sure fun will be had by all at the ceremonies and there's only one thing Jan likes more than fun and it's tooting his own horn just so everyone knows how cool he is. He is the gatekeeper of the HOF and my Xmas wish for him is to keep doing what he's doing and leave Rush out of it.
accessible flame [deleted] 9 years ago
I should also add that here in K.C. we have seen a cover band explosion this year.

Most of them are local veterans who been playing for quite some time and they all seemed to come out this year. They play regular gigs in their other bands and once in awhile they'll get together to form their cover bands. We've got quite a selection and it's always good to see your local musicians play and make a little cash too.

Most all play in other bands for their bread and butter and we even have a band named TUF or for you non-Zep fans, Trampled Under Foot that got a Handy Blues award for best new artist/band. It's all good.

Well....I'm heading out in this cold, cold evening to support another local band, The Brody Buster Band at the Record Bar here in K.C. Should be a great show. Hopefully I'll get some great pics. Look them up on Myspace if you are curious.

Please try to head out sometime this week and support one of your own local bands. They need you as much as we need them.
aloof pleasure [deleted] 9 years ago
To the outside world a Rush fan is a bit nerdy probably and might be seen as a cross between a Prog Rock Genesis fan and a standard hard rock Led Zep type fan, but in the world of Rush its not like that at all. Following Rush for a long time myself, they have changed in themselves more than any other band. Being a Rush fan is about following and understanding the lyrics and keeping up with the changing music
rushgal 8 years ago
How did we get this "nerdy" stereotype, anyway? I think every one of us is HOT!!!!
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