rushgal 4:11am, 9 May 2009
Hey all,

I thought it would be neat to start a thread of recommended literature relating to Rush in some way.

For example, most of you know about Ayn Rand's "Anthem" being a driving idea for 2112... the dark ages of the future!

Another example is a book I ran across today called "Shouting at the Sky" by Gary Ferguson. In this case, it's Rush related because the title matches lyrics, right? So although it's a vague relation, it qualifies as relating to Rush.

So, if you are so inclined, please post your finds out in the world of RRR (Rush Related Reading) here, but please try not to get to heavy into the philosophy of the books, I will look into good forums for that kind of thing.

Please include the title, author, and if it isn't obvious, please include a one liner as to how it relates.

I think this will be fun and maybe even educational!

rushgal 9 years ago
Dreamland: Razor's Edge
By Dale Brown, Jim DeFelice

(book title/song title(s))
jrosalia Posted 9 years ago. Edited by jrosalia (member) 9 years ago
Neil Peart has actually written a few books himself as well as a couple of short stories.
Masked Rider - cycling through Africa
Ghost Rider - Travels on the Healing Road
Travelling Music - A soundtrack of my life and times
Roadshow - Landscape with Drums

For more info and exerpts from his books, check out his website:
BYTOR49 9 years ago
Ghost Rider - Travels on the Healing Road - I really enjoyed this but was depressing also. A sad story but he really takes you along for the ride.

Masked Rider - cycling through Africa - I am reading this one now. Really interesting so far.

Have not read the others but I was wondering about Roadshow?
rushgal 9 years ago
Anthem- Ayn Rand-2112

It was just a few years ago when I realized that
2012 +100=The Dark Ages of the Future.

Fun one to think about
accessible flame [deleted] 9 years ago
I will second the call to read neil's books.

If you're so inclined and have tried to decipher some Rush lyrics, I would suggest Ayn Rand also. The Fountainhead, Anthem and Atlas Shrugged are all interesting reads. The first one that I read was The Fountainhead and it took a little reading to get into the flow of the author and book. It's not your normal easy read. Once you let your mind go a little, the pages tend to fly.
PaulJenkin 9 years ago
In the UK, NME (I think) accused Rush of being ultra right wing many years go as a result of their links with Ayn Rands works. This is" a wound that cannot heal" as they seldom get any mention in that particular rag these days.

I hate to think of Rush as influenced by the writings of a such a fascist as, althouugh they like to explore all sorts of topics (2112 is a very heavy totalitarian piece) they don't seem to have that attitude at the centre of their musical soul.

Thankfully, Neil Peart seems to be less influenced these days and just seems to write it from the heart - which is always a good place to start......
pjeastboldre PRO 9 years ago
Neil's books are all very good, but I particularly like 'Masked Rider - Cycling in West Africa'. It is refreshing, a great story and reveals a lot about him. Several of the experiences he had during the trip have made it into song lyrics for later albums.
BYTOR40, Roadshow is good and well worth the purchase. It basically reveals how Neil motorcycles the tour route with his trusty friend and 'minder' visiting and describing beautifully many of the National Parks in the United States as well as the ups and downs of travelling long distances by bike. He then writes about his experiences (good and bad) motorcycling the European leg of the tour.
PaulJenkin 9 years ago
I'm currently reading "The Greatest Show On Earth" by Richard Dawkins. Great read for those prepared to have an open mind and shake off the shackles of the religious indoctrination we tend to receive (whether we want it or not) at school.
rushgal 8 years ago
Open Secret is an essential work by the mysterious Wei Wu Wei, author of a series of Buddhist and Taoist spiritual classics. In poetry, dialogs, epigrams, and essays, he addresses our illusions concerning the mind, the self, logic, time, space, and causation. His substantive interpretation of The Heart Sutra--the epitome of Buddhist teachings--conveys the inexpressible truth of existence. Reading this jewel of a book, one enters into a heart and mind possessed of a very clear insight into the essence of understanding.
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