DavidDMuir 9:57am, 5 August 2008
I have only been to three Hard Rock Cafés. The first one was in Munich where I saw Alex's guitar and the second was in Cardiff I saw one of Neil's drum heads. I therefore assumed that I'd see one of Geddy's bass guitars when I went to my third Hard Rock Café in Paris. :-) However, as far as I could see there was no Rush memorabilia at all. Poor show I felt.

It did make me wonder though, is there a definitive list of Hard Rock Cafés with Rush stuff? Have any of you found/photographed Rush stuff at a Hard Rock Café? And where can I see Geddy's bass? :-)
shutterBRI PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by shutterBRI (moderator) 10 years ago
Hehe...I make it a point to go to every HRC I can manage (around 30 now)...I was in Hong Kong and Singapore and couldn't find any Rush stuff...but they were showing a Rush video in Singapore
mudrickphoto 10 years ago
i've been to the one's in Washington DC and Minneapolis, sadly can't remember what they had! ;-(
Lerxst Ohio PRO 10 years ago
The HRC in Toronto has a few things; I know they have one of Alex's doubleneck guitars, and a Fender (I think) bass of Ged's. :)
AnalogKid203 PRO 10 years ago
Last time I was at the HRC in NYC (10 years ago, I think) they had a gold copy of Exit.... Stage Left on a wall.
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