Lerxst Ohio PRO 2:10am, 24 July 2008
Ok, this is just WAY too funny!!


Check out Alex! He looks like a kid that has to pass a physics test but has never opened a book! ROFL! :)
Ellen Sparks 10 years ago
That was too awsome! Great way to start the morning!
Eleventh Earl PRO 10 years ago
I'd rather see them taking a crack at YYZ on Guitar Hero, but then I'm a little biased.
Kaptain Kobold 10 years ago
By a staggering coincidence my family bought Rock Band today. We haven't got to Tom Sawyer yet, though :-)
MountainEagleCrafter 10 years ago
I'd LOVE to see a video of them playing YYZ on GH!

*new member waves hello* - I'm Red-Barchetta on the fan boards (Counterparts, TRF, RushTour, RushConversations) *grin*
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