shutterBRI PRO 1:40am, 27 June 2008
Phew! Sure is dead around here. :-)

So, if you ask a question and no one sees it, does it really exist? Let's find out.

What was your "First Contact" with Rush. Ya know, the first song (and date) when you officially became a fan.

I'll start: Tom Sawyer (1981)
BBI Natrix Posted 10 years ago. Edited by BBI Natrix (member) 10 years ago
Well, this experiment is now blown; I saw the question. Sorry.

So, depending on what you mean by "officially became a fan," I might have two answers.

First time I remember hearing Rush: 2112 (side 1) in 1977/1978
My brother had the album, and I liked the sound a lot.

When I went bonkers for their stuff: 1982 - Red Barchetta is most memorable from my days of borrowing every album I could from schoolmates and listening to them with a friend. All around the time "Take Off" and ads for the Exit...Stage Left tour were on the radio. I'm pretty sure it was the "Take Off" thing that made me remember Rush and the cool stuff I had heard back a few years earlier.
griffpicsdublin PRO 10 years ago
1988 - I saw the video for 'Time Stand Still' on tv & thought it was very, very strange. Then I heard 'Red Barchetta' on the radio soon afterwards and loved it... :)
mudrickphoto 10 years ago
i can remember listening to Rush in the late 70's (joys of older brothers!!) and being quite keen then but really the song that blew me away was Lakeside park...and the rest is history! ;-)
Eleventh Earl PRO 10 years ago
At high school when I was sixteen - someone played Permanent Waves to me on the common room stereo.

pjeastboldre PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by pjeastboldre (member) 10 years ago
I visited my slightly older cousin in Fareham, Hants and he played me 2112. We taped it from the album and I didn't stop playing it for days. The album was purchased shortly afterwards followed by the triple 'Archives'. Like everyone else, the rest is history.
I was HOOKED and I still am!!
:-) :-) :-)
shutterBRI PRO 10 years ago
Oh...I forgot to add that I was in Middle School, on the bus ride home and my friend was playing "the song" on one of those cheapy cassette players with one speaker. I called him later and asked him "What was the name of that song with Tom Sawyer in it?" D'oh! :-)
pjeastboldre PRO 10 years ago
Sounds familiar! My 2112 taped copy was being played on my 'one speaker, cheapy cassette player' too, BUT it was still the best thing I'd ever heard at the age of 15!!
shanandphil 10 years ago
My "first contact" with Rush was All The Worlds A Stage album.
A work mate of mine, his brother had the album,
he told me " you've got to listen to this three piece from Canada,
called Rush, they're awsome", they were, they still are. Hooked.
waxinggibbous PRO 10 years ago
my first contact was through a " sound suppliment" in Modern Drummer magazine. It was "pieces of Eight" by the professor. After hearing his unmistakable drums over the speaker @ a music store in Cincinnati, Ohio, I ignorantly asked the store clerk "is that Rush?". He said it was their new album called "Hold Your Fire". I quickly purchased that CD then within a month, purchased everything else of theirs I could get my hands on.

I haven't missed an album or tour since then!

BTW they were great on the Colbert Report last night!
Chris M 44 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Chris M 44 (member) 10 years ago
When I was 8 years old, I stole my brother's Permenant Waves Cassette because I fell in love with Limelight and Spirit of Radio. Then I stole his Fly by Night and 2112 LPs. My parents bought me Moving Pictures as soon as it came out. First concert was Hold your Fire.
Ellen Sparks 10 years ago
Hold Your Fire, Lakeland Civic Center, Lakeland FLorida. Feb 15, 1988.
It was a concrete box, terrible acoustics, we were sitting way out there. If I did not live with the biggest Rush Fan Ever at the time (and now) I would have walked out - 20 years later, we saw Rush Snakes and Arrows in 2007 and 2008 four times, including in Toronto. Just had to join this group since my second hobby is photography.
BYTOR49 10 years ago
I was into Van Halen and other metal 80s bands, in my teens.
A buddy next door said, listen to this..It was Bytor and the Snowdog from Fly by Night. I said wow and then went out and purchased FBN and Caress of Steel on LP. That was it...I cannot stop listening....
That was 1981 and I was 14. I am 40 now and still rocking. Saw rush on 2007 snakes and 2008 snakes live..amazing.
shutterBRI PRO 10 years ago
Lerxst Ohio PRO 10 years ago
My boyfriend at the time was a Rush fan. He played Tom Sawyer one day when we were at a picnic with friends; I loved it, but didn't really get hooked until later. Later that day, he played 2112 for me and made me listen to it on headphones. It gave me chills (still does!) and I was hooked! Haven't missed a tour since I started going to Rush concerts on the GUP tour... :) Going to my 3rd show of the 2008 tour tomorrow night! :)
DavidDMuir 10 years ago
A friend's big brother was into rock music and had a couple of Rush albums. My friend borrowed their new album - A Farewell To Kings and brought it in to play in Art class. (One of the perks of taking Art was you could bring in records to play during class.) I loved it. A Farewell To Kings (the track and the album) is still one of my favourites. Since it was new, it must have been sometime in 1977. I started collecting their albums and went to see them in concert at the Glasgow Apollo shortly thereafter.

Good grief! I was 14 in 1977. What were my parents thinking of - letting me go into town to see rock concerts?!
ghost_aston 10 years ago
Like bytor40, I was into hair metal when a friend put on one of his dad's records and said "Listen to this". It was 2112. It changed me forever.
billowy team [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by billowy team (member) 10 years ago
My first contact whit Rush it has happened listening compilation "Rock Aid Armenia" in 1990. The song is The Spirit of Radio. After the complete discography.
ripken4ever 10 years ago
It was 1975...........sophomore year in HS when a buddy and I saw it as a new release in a local record store. I picked it up and took it home to listen...............................the rest is history!
*cHARLIe 2112(^:* PRO 10 years ago
1975 for me too. I saw Rush as an opening act for Blue Oyster Cult in Atlanta Georgia playing songs from their first 3 albums. I don't actually remember all that much after all these years but Alex sang NEED SOME LOVE off the 1st album, lol.
I didn't become a true fan however until 2112 was released. I fell in love with that album particularly the guitar work. I've been a fan ever since.
bogger4fun40 PRO 10 years ago
For me, it was "Xanadu" from "A Farewell To Kings" May of 1978. My brother had the album on a blue Mercury 8-Track tape (MC-8-1-1184). I always got pissed off when they broke up "Xanadu", "Closer To The Heart", and "Cygnus X-1" for track changes. Thank God they invented CDs! But that album set the hook that has kept me a loyal fan for over 30 years!!! GO RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!
AnalogKid203 PRO 10 years ago
I was a big Bob and Doug MacKenzie fan in Jr. High School. My best friend had just bought their full length LP on which Geddy sings "Take Off". I was stunned by his voice. My buddy said, if you like that, you are going to love THIS album... To which he played Moving Pictures. First listen, I was HOOKED. Have been ever since.
rushgal 9 years ago
1 Photo Guy 9 years ago
2112 was it for me too.I got it when it first came out and was hooked instantly.I've owned every Rush album since then.Unfortunately I didn't get to see them until the Roll The Bones tour came around.They still kick ass!
MrDAT 9 years ago
1991 Roll The Bones show. I was dragged to the show because I didn't want to go. That was it for me. Hooked after that!
zippythesimshead PRO 9 years ago
in high school (probably 1980), was introduced to Permanent Waves, been a big fan ever since. Have attended at least 6 of their concerts. They are some of the best performers EVER.
John In Pink PRO 9 years ago
1980 - Spirit Of Radio. It was actually getting airplay on mainstream UK radio! I simply liked what I heard.
Cygnus-X1 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Cygnus-X1 (member) 9 years ago
Aware they were existed from around 1980 as there were a couple of kids into them in class, but never heard anything until 2 or 3 years later. Religious Education class, topic was free will vs. destiny - one of the kids quoted some lyrics - teacher made us write them down.

I went down to the local library's music section and got out Fly By Night (guess either I couldn't find PW or just liked the cover). Instantly hooked - helped I was getting into Tolkein at the time and Rivendell was on there (I think its one of their worst nowadays), although By-Tor was probably the clincher.
PaulJenkin 9 years ago
For me it was their first tour of the UK. Their first gig in the UK was at Sheffield City Hall and their second (the one I was at) was at the Free Trade Hall in Manchester.

I've seen the 12 times since and they are just THE most awesome band I've ever seen.

I love all kinds of music from Bach to Black Sabbath and I've seen most of the legendary rock bands since my early teens in the early 1970's but these guys just blow me away every time I see them.

My favourite live track is probably Working Man, Passage to Bangkok or YYZ depending on how I feel on the day.

Roll the bones, guys....roll the bones!
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