billowy team [deleted] 6:19pm, 7 March 2008
Hi, my name is Max from Rome Italy!
I'm a fan from long time of Rush.
Thi band is really magic!

DavidDMuir 10 years ago
Hello Max

Welcome to the Rush photo group. Have a look around and chip in as you like - I especially enjoy the Photo Contests. :-)
BYTOR49 10 years ago
Hello Max,

mudrickphoto 10 years ago
hey Max! welcome to the group! hope you like it and feel fee to dive into the photo comps!
rush_39402 PRO 10 years ago
Another new member here. Man I was so excited when I found a RUSH group on flickr. The photo competitions based on Rush lyrics were a great idea.
mudrickphoto 10 years ago
very cool more new guys!!!! WELCOME!!!!!! dive right in tot the comps;-))
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