Thanks to all.

accessible flame [deleted] 5:40pm, 11 December 2007
i just wanted to tell everyone who's a member here what a great job you all are doing with keeping the spirit of rush alive on flickr.

i saw my first concert in may of '81. it was also my first rush show. i was 16. i have seen them every time they have come to kansas city and have also have the good fortune to see them in germany at the festhalle in heidelburg for the signals tour. i have loved this band since i was 12 years old. i take great pleasure in turning others on to the boys music. it's not easy for some, but it's great when someone i know "gets it".

i started this group because there wasn't a specific rush group on here and i didn't want the name taken over by anyone else using the name for anything other than the band. it seems to have been a success.

thanks to everyone who is participating in the contests and the mods and others who comes up with the topics.

if you're interested there is also a rush list on yahoo that seems to be THE rush list on the net. if you can find it please join up. even when rush isn't touring there is always some news or info on upcoming projects on the list. the list is called "THML" or "The Hemispheres Mailing List". the list is populated by members from north america, south america and many folks from the u.k. and europe. there are a lot of great folks populating the list. here's the link. there are about 4 different thml lists. this is the main english language version.

on this very icy winter day i am happy to announce that "shutterBRI" has been bestowed with the title and duties of moderator.

anyway, thanks again for making this little part of flickr our own little piece of rush heaven.


pjeastboldre PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pjeastboldre (member) 11 years ago
Thanks for starting the group! Rushians are SUCH nice people. It's a pleasure to be a member of this group.
Congratulations to shutterBRI too. I know he'll do a good job.
Best wishes.
accessible flame [deleted] 9 years ago
Just wanted to add a note to tell you guys thanks! for all your pics and words and contests.

Don't forget to read your Ayn Rand. it will really help you understand some of their earlier work.

cheers to all

thanks again and keep up the great work.
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