DavidDMuir 2:56pm, 4 December 2007
It's December, so I've allowed myself to start listening to Christmas songs. It started me wondering... has Rush ever done a Christmas song? Knowing a bit about them, it seems unlikely, but I thought I'd ask. :-)

There are of course a few Rush songs that could be easily adapted. For example:

* The (Christmas) Trees
* A Farewell to Three Kings From Orient Are...
* The Spirit Of Christmas Radio Past
* Snow, Don't Tell

I'm sure I've missed some. Do you have any other suggestions?

...And while I'm here, what's your favourite rock Christmas song?
shutterBRI PRO 11 years ago
I would like to see Rush do a rendition of "Grandma got run over by a reindeer"
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
Hows about -
Santa and the Snow Dog
Leave that present alone
Something for Grandma
In the Christmas Pud

shutterBRI PRO 11 years ago
Carve Away the Turkey
In the Christmas Mood
Fly by Silent Night
Making Christmas Memories
I Think I'm Going to Grandma's
Roll the Christmas Wrapping
Ghost of Christmas Past
The Speed of St. Nick
DavidDMuir 11 years ago
Santa and the Snow Dog... how could I have missed that? :-)

And Carve Away the Turkey - brilliant!
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
try this one!

the christmas trees

there is unrest in the bedroom
there is trouble with the kids
for they know that santa's coming
and they just can't fall asleep

the trouble with the children
(and they're quite convinced they're right)
they say that santa's just to tubby
and rudolfs nose is bright
but the kids can't help their feelings
and there bouncing on there beds
and they wonder way their mothers
can't be happy with the noise

there is trouble in the bedroom
and presents are all wrapped
as the mothers scream sleep now
and the kids just shake their heads

so the mothers formed a union
and demanded sleepy time
"the kids are just to nosey
and we need to make them sleep"

now there' no more nosiey children
for a noble law was passed
and the kids are all kept quite
by calpol
and restraints

ok ok it needs some work!
shutterBRI PRO 11 years ago
Well done!

As an aside, what is a "calpol?"
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
LOL Calpol is a paracetamol based drug for children! its great it knocks em out!!!! LOL LOL LOL ;-)))
pjeastboldre PRO 11 years ago
Mud, you've lost it!! Very clever - laughing out loud :-))))
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
thanks PJ, i think my wife agree with you!! lol;-))
IDrum4U PRO 11 years ago
Great posts! My sides are hurting from laughing. :)
abaft knot [deleted] 11 years ago
Alex - did Little Drummer Boy on one of the Merry Axemess cd's.

And nice job on the lyric re-write.........
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