DavidDMuir 2:20pm, 22 October 2007
I just came across a gorgeous set of Rush photos:


I was just going to leave a comment or send a Flickr mail to tell the photographer about this group but I wondered if it would be better for one of the admin types to use the invite dohicky on one of the photos.

What do you think? If we find Rush related Flickr material, should we just invite off our own bat, or is it better to highlight them in a topic like this so that an admin can send an invite request?
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
Personally i think if you find some cool Rush photo's just post a comment and mention the group and see if they'll join? they are cool photos well worth a look!
supreme desire [deleted] 11 years ago
IDrum4U PRO 11 years ago
DavidDMui, nice find! Those pics are great quality and nice and close too! Thanks for sharing.
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