Rush Tour 2008

BYTOR49 3:14pm, 3 October 2007

About a month ago I reported that Rush would be touring in 2008 including dates in the Eastern/Southern US and Atlantic Canada. Since then, there have been several rumored confirmations of this from within the Rush camp. But now it sounds like we have confirmation from Big Al himself! In a recent interview with Glasgow's The Herald (Rush kicks off their European tour in Glasgow tonight) Alex Lifeson confirms that Rush will be touring through the summer of 2008:
... "We're enjoying the tour," he says. "We're playing really well and the response has been great so far. The set includes nine new songs, which is more than we have ever included. That shows just how much we like the album." ... "The Police and bands like that are doing their greatest-hits thing now and we really covered that three years ago on our R30 tour. We want to move forward and we'll be touring this album until next summer, when I think we'll have done 110 shows."
110 shows!! That means they'll be playing around 45 shows next year! At the rate they've been going that means they'll be out for at least another 3 or 4 months. Wow. Thanks to cinderellamanr30 and Bob A for the heads up.
BYTOR49 11 years ago
This is great news. I hope all you European rush fans enjoy your shows. I hope they come back to Toronto. The new material smokes...I really need to see them again.


Will - Canada
mudrickphoto Posted 11 years ago. Edited by mudrickphoto (moderator) 11 years ago
Well two days and counting for me!! Friday 5th Oct the magic day!!! oooooooooohhhhh ;-)

Cheers for the heads up info!
pjeastboldre PRO 11 years ago
Thanks for the info Will. That's great news.
It's London on Tuesday 9th October for me. Like mudrick....... I CAN'T WAIT to see them again !!!
:-) :-) :-)
shutterBRI PRO 11 years ago
Enjoy it boys! Can't wait to catch them again in 2008! Whoot!
DavidDMuir 11 years ago
They were awesome in Glasgow last night. I hope nobody minds that I've just dumped all my photos from the Glasgow gig in the pool.
cx1uk 11 years ago
Thanks to David (ie - it's his fault!) I've just joined the group and fired my photos from Glasgow into the pool!
Kaptain Kobold 11 years ago
Birmingham on the 12th for me (despite me living within a stone's throw of Wembley - going on a Friday means that we can make it a family outing).
AnalogKid203 PRO 11 years ago
A 2008 tour! YeeHAA!
shanandphil 11 years ago
Friday 12th for me and the wife too Kaptain, make a day out of it,
can't wait.
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
Just come back from the newcastle show....YOU WILL LOVE IT!! ENJOY!!
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