BYTOR49 2:44pm, 19 September 2007
Just sitting at work now waiting to get rolling for the show. My wife cleaned out the car for me, I will get some gas and coffee and then pick up by pals, head down to TO for dinner and then to the show!

I will logon tonight and give you a full review!

See you at the show!

Bytor40 (Will)
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
enjoy u lucky sod!!!!!!!!!!!!
BYTOR49 Posted 11 years ago. Edited by BYTOR49 (member) 11 years ago
Amazing show...I was so tired when I got home I went to bed right away. The show was so great, they were so tight and the sound was clean. The first 2 songs were sonic and a little distorted but this happens sometimes. By the 3rd number all was well. The new material was amazing live. The drum solo was the best ever and the acoustic work by Alex was something. God I love this band. Wish I was going again on sat. You guys in Ottawa and overseas, you are in for a treat.
The show was a great mix of old and new stuff. Geddy swapped bass' quite often. He even brought out the Rick during the encore.

Great show....
lackadaisical bridge [deleted] 11 years ago
Hi BYTOR40, I am heading down tonight to see Rush here in Toronro. I am not 100% sure but this is either the 26th or 27th time for me to see them :) I have lost count :)
Cant wait to get there...

BYTOR49 11 years ago
Hey Eirruc, I hope you enjoyed the show. I wish I could have gone again..they were on fire the first show. I hear you, this was my 14 or 15th show since the Signals tour. I have also seen the last 3 tours. Will not miss another tour until they are done. They are on fire now in their 50s. amazing show last night from the reviews I have been reading and what a pleasure to see them inside after all these years. The last 2 tours were at Ontario place as you know and I do love it for a nice summer night out and the good bars and food on the waterfront, but you really do miss the light show. Man, I really hope they add some more dates in the spring like I have been hearing about.

Hope you had a great time!
Malnar and The Main Monkey Business blew me away!
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
wow not long now till i get to see them!! ;-)))
lackadaisical bridge [deleted] 11 years ago
Hey BYTOR40, Yes it was a great show as usual. I had really great seats, so good that I was sitting right behind their families. I had Geddys mother and wife plus two of Alex`s sisters right in front of me. There was a bunch of other people which I didnt know who they were. The reason I knew who they were is I heard them introducing each other to I guess friends of the families which they had never met. Plus I had seen a pic of Geddy with his mother before so I knew it was her right away.
I wish I had brought my camera, secuity didnt seem to be bothered with people taking pics...
The last two tours you mentioned that they played at Ontario Place, actually the Vapor Trails tour was at Ontario Place in the summer and the ACC in the fall. Last night was the second time for me to see Rush in the ACC....
I guess it will be some time before we see them again in Toronto, have to wait for a new cd/tour to come out which will be quite some time :(

BYTOR49 11 years ago
You are correct. They did add another show in the fall at ACC on the VT tour. I saw them the first time at Ontario place. Wished I had seen them inside. It was so nice to see them inside again and get the full rush light show like the other night at ACC.

Funny how we get so excited about Rush concerts and we wait and wait and then it goes by so fast and now I am left wanting more. I sure hope they add some spring dates..I will be there.

"One moment's high
And glory rolls on by
Like a streak of lightening
That flashes and fades in the summer sky"

From Power Windows 1985
abaft knot [deleted] 11 years ago
goto if you want an audience boot of the show. Normally they are good quality. The Buffalo show came out great.
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