pjeastboldre PRO 9:11pm, 4 April 2007
I'll be going to see Rush on the 9th October at Wembley. I saw them on the R30 tour. They were superb. Can't wait for this year's tour. Anyone else going to this gig?
All the best.
Eleventh Earl PRO 11 years ago
You lucky git.

Can Geddy still hit the high notes though?
BYTOR49 11 years ago
I will be at the Sept 19th show in Toronto.
I went to both the vapor trails and r30 tours...amazing.
Before that..had not seen them since Hold your Fire.

pjeastboldre PRO 11 years ago
Geddy doesn't try to hit the real high notes now! The R30 tour was great, can't believe they're back so soon. My first Rush concert was the Permanent Waves tour in 1981 in Southampton, England. Hooked on them since 1976. Whoooa, I'm getting old !!!
All the best.
PS. There are some great pictures on this site. Thanks to all members for these.
Eleventh Earl PRO 11 years ago
Yes I saw them back in the eighties too - Moving Pictures, Signals and Hold Your Fire (was the album called Hold Your Fire?). Hells Bells, we're all getting old now.
pjeastboldre PRO Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pjeastboldre (member) 11 years ago
Yes, my friend, the album and the tour was called 'Hold Your Fire'. Not my favourite album, but then have Rush released a really bad one?
Merv Williams 11 years ago
Going to the show on the 10th at Wembley. Should be good.
Eleventh Earl PRO 11 years ago
I've never heard Roll the Bones becasue I was told it's awful.

Should I check it out?
BYTOR49 11 years ago
Roll the Bones is really quite good. It has a unique production value to it and the material really rocks. Great lyrics also. It's one of those rush albums you might not like at first but it grows on you..
Don't they all......
Photocatvan 11 years ago
Yes I really like Roll the Bones too. Being a fan of the band's older material I've kind of rediscovered the band since last year since buying the R30 dvd. Picked up a few Rush albums via iTunes. Roll the Bones has become a fave for sure, remastered too for $10 hard to complain!
pjeastboldre PRO 11 years ago
Roll the Bones is excellent. The title track is a real show stopper. The album is good too. You SHOULD check it out!!
Beijs015 11 years ago
I wil go to the two shows in Rotterdam and the one in Oberhausen...
BYSON PRO 11 years ago
See you there on the 10th !!!!
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
hi everyone - wow a Rush group (no oun intended!!) im off to see them in newcastle this time round, glasgow for the last couple of times!! looking forward to that.

Nebbish1 11 years ago
I'm going to Birmingham, Sheffield and Manchester. We're taking our 7 yr old daughter to Sheffield too. I promised her a couple of years ago when they came back she could come see them. Didn't think they'd be back to UK so quickly but really pleased they are.
accessible flame [deleted] 11 years ago
if you've just listened to some of the later stuff, you should really, really go out and start buying all their cd's. my fav is caress of steel, but all their albums were pretty frikking excellent up thru GuP.

anyone here on The Hemispheres Mailing List? they also have a companion spoilers list where folks post after rushs' latest show, telling you the setlist and what guitars were played by alex, etc.....
starman359 11 years ago
Yes!!! No, wait...Hell YES!!!! I will be there, too. I'm in the final stages of my plans, and preparations now, but will be winging that way.
Kaptain Kobold 11 years ago
Oddly enough, although I live about 30 minutes from Wembley I'm actually going to see them in Birmingham on 12th October. That way the entire family can go, as it's not a 'school night' - my wife's coming, along with our two children (11 and 12).
mudrickphoto 11 years ago
is anyone here going to the Newcastle show?
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