Merv Williams 10:34am, 27 May 2006
Have checked back a few times and no one seems to post anymore.
Photocatvan 12 years ago
Well it's pretty quiet around these parts lately. I guess not too many Flickr users have any Rush photos, plus the band hasn't been too active in the past few years. I guess all the action is in the Rush websites off of Flickr. Great photos by the way!
Merv Williams 12 years ago
I have more to post, so watch this space.
bogger4fun40 PRO 12 years ago
Thanks for having a group for Rush here! When I joined Flickr back in March, one of the first things I did was run a search for a Rush group, & it turned up nothing for the longest time!
I have been a fan of Rush since late 1977, when "A Farewell To Kings" was released, and have been a loyal follower ever since. I have all releases on vinyl up to "Presto", when they switched to CD & cassette. In fact, my "Hemispheres" LP still has the color poster of the Group, in mint condition. I've got some things I can post to the group from my favorite period in their career, 1977-1981! Great pics, by the way! Thanks again for establishing a place to pay homage to a group that truly deserves the best for giving their VERY BEST!
WY Man 12 years ago
You are right Gerald. Rush truly are the best. They are in the studio as I write this, working on a new album by the way. It should be out in the spring. I can hardly wait. Long live RUSH!
bogger4fun40 PRO 11 years ago
Check out (if you haven't already) Neil Peart's website for more insight on the inspiration and recording of Rush's new album. According to Neil, their new coproducer is unlike ANY they have worked with before! Check it out at
Beijs015 11 years ago
Well, just uploaded 73 pics I've made in Oberhausen, Germany on September 17th 2004. Hope you'll enjoy them!!
Photocatvan 11 years ago
Hey nice shots beijs015! Thanks for posting!
Eleventh Earl PRO 11 years ago
I've joined - I have a few Rush related items which I shall post eventually.
rushgal 9 years ago
I'd say our group is kickin' perty darned good now!
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