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Brad Darling Photography says:

As members of the group we could all help Dean and Bryan find photos of waterfalls that aren't already in the group. They're both very busy so it would be extremely helpful.
6:21PM, 18 October 2011 PDT (permalink)

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Kalense Kid says:

Please could you set out the ground rules?

For example, I have a shot of an amazing waterfall, but I know almost nothing about it except that it is located on a sound (I know which one, and roughly where it is) in New Zealand.

cascade by Kalense Kid

Is this of any value for this group?
94 months ago (permalink)

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Bryan Swan is a group administrator Bryan Swan says:

Read over the group rules. We're looking for pictures which illustrate the waterfall as a whole. Nice as such shots as these may be KK, its not something we can use for the purposes of this group.
94 months ago (permalink)

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Kalense Kid says:

93 months ago (permalink)

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subarcticmike says:

couple of interesting sets of cascades for you



Originally posted 87 months ago. (permalink)
subarcticmike edited this topic 87 months ago.

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