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Reversing Falls

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subarcticmike says:

Aloha the group and Dean
Checked both WWDs for reversing falls and 'Nada'.
They are out there but... tide-dependent and can be the merest of the mere.

Since this summer I am going to be flying along the coastline with second highest tides in the world (south Baffin Island) I'll keep my eyes and camera peeled for a big one.

Anyone know of any decent reversing falls out there in the virtual world?

cheers from the tundra
9:18PM, 8 July 2011 PDT (permalink)

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Kirby E. Adams says:

The best I've seen (and I haven't seen many) is along the Saint John River in New Brunswick where the Bay of Fundy tides push the river backwards over some rocks twice a day.
97 months ago (permalink)

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Dean Goss is a group administrator Dean Goss says:

Hi Mike.
Bryan and I have some data on reversing falls. We're sort of unsure whether or not to include them as they are more typically rapids than falls per se. One of the coolest reversing falls I've come across is called Horizontal Falls in the Kimberly region of Western Australia. Canada's Northwest Territories have two substantial reversing falls. New Brunswick has a few, including those on the Saint John River.
Maine has 5 or 6 (off the top of my head)...

Let me know what you find, I DO compile the data, we're just not sure if we should include it or not at this point.

Dean Goss,
96 months ago (permalink)

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subarcticmike says:

Hey Dean
Some info on the two substantial reversing falls in the NWT would be much appreciated. Since Nunavut is only a decade old what with splitting off of the NWT, maybe, just maybe...

'thanks!' in the Kivalliq dialect of Inuktitut
96 months ago (permalink)

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Bryan Swan is a group administrator Bryan Swan says:

My personal take on the subject is that if there is actually a well defined vertical drop, then it may be something we could take a look at, but features like the Skookumchuck Rapids near Sechelt or the Malibu Rapids at Princess Louisa are not at all waterfalls - neat as they might be - and won't be cataloged in the database. Some of the ones in NWT / Nunavut, NB and Australia might hold some merit though. Might.
96 months ago (permalink)

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Clearviz says:

Close to where I live we have what is called the "Severn Bore" and on good tides you can see the wave moving up the River Severn. People even surf up the river on the wave.

A Google images search for "Severn Bore" will show lots of pics.

(Downriver I believe they have the second highest rise and fall of a tide, in the world. On big spring tides it can be 13 metres)
93 months ago (permalink)

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Wanderlust676 says:

The Falls of Lora in Scotland almost fit the bill, they're reversible but not exactly high! Coords : 56.456322,-5.390323
93 months ago (permalink)

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