jpga33 3:24am, 26 October 2009
Congratulations to Anna, you have beautiful pictures and strong essay, you deserve it !!!!
jpga33 8 years ago
I am a little confused, and I just want to make sure that I have read the rules correctly. In the application form says that we cannot manipulate the images in ANY way, that means that the images should be posted the way they were shot. But in the link to Jason Edwards digital adjustments says how to correct the pictures properly, so why do we see so many black and white, and color corrected pictures from people that worldnomads selected as finalists?
just wondering. can somebody explain?, Thank you.
Arctic Exposure 8 years ago
Black and white is legal.

This is from comment #39 on the actual scholarship page: "4. There are no restrictions on whether the photos are B&W or colour or digital or film."

You can see it here:
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