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There really is only one rule in this group:

Follow the group rules or get out.

This group is for people who love soccer/football.

(If a translation is needed for anything in the group a good site is www.freetranslation.com/)

Don't forget to join my other group to raise the numbers EVERY PICTURE YOU HAVE! the link is below

Group Description

Discuss recent football news from around the world. and upload all your football pictures and socialize with other football fans from around the world.

Group Rules

The rules for this group are quite simple they are written below:

1.) no inappropriate, abusive, racist, adult content or acts of violence/murder can be posted, if it is it will straight away be taken off and the person who submitted it will be banned, no warnings. Same goes with disscusion topics. My rules are quite simple to understand and they are rules that I hope everyone can obide by because I am laid back when it comes to rules but I am strict if they are broken.

2.) This group is for all age groups so the above rule should be followed to make this possible.

If the above rules are broken the person will be banned from the group and all their images and/or disscusion topics will be removed from the group, there will be no warnings. Depending on what that person does I may just ban you or if it is something more serrious I will report them to Flickr.

But if you contribute to the group in the proper way you will be promoted and rewarded.

Additional Info

  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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