Whats Best?

JBird608 8:12pm, 18 March 2009
Which One of the following 3 images is the best?

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

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marquis_delafange 9 years ago
For some reason, I can't see the image n°3.
I think n°1 is better. Is it the natural (original) one ? I agree that you can improve the original for aesthetical reasons. But in this "realistic" style, you should stop the tweaking at the moment that you see that there has been tweeking. The borderline is very small.
BYNOWANN 8 years ago
n°2 for me
fog and colors
Matthew Singer PRO 8 years ago
I vote for no. 2 as well, though you may have to do something with that fringe line on the left. If it doesn't show up in print (or isn't noticeable), then don't worry about it.

I feel that no. 1 doesn't have quite enough contrast, and no. 3 has too much. But with no. 1, there's still detail in the shadows and the highlights of the background don't detract from the scene as they do in no. 3, so #1 is my second choice if you go the Black & White route.
Daniel Quarg PRO 7 years ago
2 or 3... hmmm, 2!
One_Track PRO 7 years ago
j zorn PRO 7 years ago
WHOTHEHECK13 7 years ago
I like no. 3!!! But they are good!!
la délicatesse 6 years ago
I prefer 1
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