Hindrik S PRO 5:36pm, 12 August 2013
This group needs some moderation. Lots of photo's that do not match the theme.
zoniedude1 PRO 5 years ago
I agree...
There are a significant number of totally irrelevant, non-sky related photos posted here and unless someone starts paying attention, the problem will just get worse and this group's quality will continue to decline.
KarenR-TB PRO 4 years ago
I also agree. It is often difficult to find 3 photos that are worth awarding!
is there a need for additional moderators? there are still many that do not show ANY sky at all.
fluttering need [deleted] Posted 3 years ago. Edited by fluttering need (member) 3 years ago
I agree, a drawing of a naked woman, a girl sitting on a sofa, faces being painted and other portraits don't belong in the group. But sadly the four admins of the group no longer seem to be active.
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