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gumanow PRO 8:20am, 4 December 2008
I've been looking for this video of Winogrand for a few months now and have finally found it. The voice over is in German, but you can also make out Winogrand's comments and voice.

LoFiKen 10 years ago
sweet. i never saw this before. thanks!
Ed' 10 years ago
Cheers, Gary.
pedale.forchetta PRO 10 years ago
great :) PRO 10 years ago
It's the nearest I come to not existing... PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by (member) 10 years ago
Actually, some of Winogrand's own words are lost and the German translation is not that precise... especially as it more or less ignores emphasis ... but as much as I could transcribe of Winogrand goes...


The photographers I learnt most from and feel most responsible to are Walker Evans and Robert Frank.

I hate the term. I think it’s a stupid term, “street photography”.

I try to frame in terms of what I want to include.
I don’t think about pictures -- when I am photographing.
When I am photographing I see life. That’s all there is. . . .
[?I am not a picture.?] You’re not a picture.

We know too much about how photographs LOOK. Or pictures look.

And it’s the easiest thing in the world, it’s natural . . . [inaudible but he says something like ... to imitate the photographs you already know. He does say "That's boring"]

I’ve worked out my own way to contend with that problem of being programmed, of knowing too much about pictures

Well, when I’m photographing often enough someone will come up to me and ask “Say, are you getting good pictures?” and I dunno. I know that what I am photographing is interesting.. I haven’t seen the pictures yet.

Hopefully the picture will be more interesting than what I photographed. If not, it hasn’t worked.

The way I would put it is that I get totally out of myself. It is the closest I come to not existing. [... and I wish I could catch exactly what he says at the end... it is translated as 'Was ich für sehr erstrebbungswürdig halte'... worth trying to achieve, or -- more colloquially -- devoutly to be desired]

tilde~ 10 years ago
the german voice says: "in my opinion this is very worthwhile"
gumanow PRO 10 years ago
@Briggate: I love that you captured those. That is what I heard as well. I love how he chuckles when he talks about no existing.

How about: Maybe people should call me a Zoo Photographer. He was so great. Those one liners. I've heard him say "I try to frame in terms..." in the Bill Moyers video. A lot of what he is saying I've read in quotes from others. Its so great to see him in action. He almost looks so disastified all the time. Like he continues to make mistakes. But that seems like it might be an act. No one like him, that's for sure.

Thanks again!
Andrei Amodia 10 years ago
what the hell. and us here in the USA dont have a copy of this video.?
LoFiKen 10 years ago
Thanks for the captions I love this guy. He definitely is acting when he's taking photos. The little gestures and the way that he moves around and looks up. Almost like how a magician uses misdirection to disarm the target right before he snaps. It's very fun to see him work!
tilde~ Posted 10 years ago. Edited by tilde~ (member) 10 years ago
For me it always looks like that he press the shutter at first and then looking through the viewfinder.

Would like to know his technique to not being programmed, of knowing too much about pictures.

The clip is from this documentation:
Still available here on dvd, but in German only. PRO 10 years ago
Thanks tilde for the link... great collection, nice clips. I would love to see them all. Although the loosely translated voice-overs can be very intrusive.
gumanow PRO 10 years ago
@Briggate: This is the video site that I saw a few months back that has the short clip of GW at the end of the longer one that I found above. I wished some of the other full-lenght videos were posted. We should look for them.
weakmassive Posted 10 years ago. Edited by weakmassive (member) 10 years ago
Thanks for digging that up Gary!

That Mark Cohen piece looks entertaining. Reminds me of the other video of him.

I messaged the guy who posted the full Winogrand clip on Youtube and asked if he has the others... no response yet.
tim goodspeed 10 years ago
Gary, thanks for bringing this to my attention. Love to see him at work. Very inspiring.
gumanow PRO 10 years ago
@weakmassive: Mark Cohen has me thinking about working closer than my lens with show good focus and not worry so much about the image being sharp. Great find.

@tim: Glad you liked it. Yes it is great to see other street photographers working.
LoFiKen 10 years ago
Makes me wonder how much framing Mark Cohen does to his photos because he doesnt even really look at the viewfinder (at least from his videos).
weakmassive 10 years ago
So maltekashmir on YouTube got back to me and posted the Mark Cohen video in full.

Watching him work very openly and very close... and the fluidity in which he works, I think of William Klein's analogy that photography is like boxing.

Ken, yeah he's not looking through the viewfinder for many of those shots. I imagine that he's got pretty used to it and has a feel for how thing will be framed, like guys that get really good at hipshots (joewig?).

Another thing I admire about him is that he shoots in the small town of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. And I think that probably forces him to find more interesting pictures in the mundane. He's taking pictures of ordinary people and making them interesting... maybe his in-your-face approach has something to do with that. He doesn't have the luxury of shooting in a big city like NYC with it's constant craziness.
tilde~ 10 years ago
I have the Book Grim Street. In the interview he is talking about getting farther away by the years. He starts with 21mm and moved to 28mm, then 35mm and mow he uses a 50mm lens. Mainly because he would get into situations where he could be arrested.
Sounds like he had enough trouble.
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