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This is the fowlest group on flickr! The group pool is for waterbirds, not birds in water. So a robin taking a dip in a fountain, while certainly a lovely sight, isn't what this pool is about.

We accept THREE pictures per day, per member. Please invite your friends to join and contribute. And comment!

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A selection of great photos from the pool:

Great Blue Heron by sns85225

Great Blue Heron

"Tricolored Heron, Jefferson Island, Louisiana" by cetch1

Tricolored Heron, Jefferson Island, Louisiana

"Abandoned ducklings" by Nature Kat

Abandoned ducklings...

"Mallard Dance" by gatordr

Mallard Dance

"Ferruginous Duck (Aythya Nyroca)" by ColGould

Ferruginous Duck ( Aythya Nyroca )

"Twins" by riverdance220


"One of our Call Ducks in Flight" by thesalisburyhome

One Of Our Call Ducks In Flight

"Baby Mallard preening" by 1ladybug

Baby Mallard preening [Explored]

A posing duck by Tk_White

A posing duck?

"Serenita" by Eye for emotion


"Great Egret" by PhotoJoe Campbell

Great Egret

"If you want to get ahead get a hat!" by Alan F17

'if you want to get ahead get a hat!'

"Fishing" by eertrj


"I'm off with me bread" by Daz Moston

i'm off with me bread

"oooo look at him with that bread" by Daz Moston/swan man

oooo look at him with that bread

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