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aquatic wheel [deleted] 3:10pm, 30 October 2009
Congratulations for opening a group like this, its so nice to belong to a group that cares about the wildlife and animals of this world.
The RSPCA do such fantastic work, and i admire them completely for the everday animal lives that they save, and the prosecution of people that neglect their animals. There have been so many heartbreaking stories this year about animal neglect, it just breaks my heart that some people can treat their animals like it, after all animals have a brain and a heart just like us, they just cant talk to us and tell us that they are being mistreated, you can only see it in their eyes.
I hope this group goes a long way and gets the support that it needs, and by the looks of the beautiful photos that people are posting it will.
disillusioned afternoon [deleted] 9 years ago
I concur!! SOOOO glad to find such a group here on flickr! Great!
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