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Do you know that YOUR PICTURES can actually save wildlife?

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gustavo@morejon.ec says:

Your pictures are fantastic and tell us something very important about wildlife: it is valuable and we MUST protect it. We are a group of Photographers devoted to work to save the wildlife that we love so much. We have now 3 rainforests and paramos that we decided to save because its endangered status and rich biodiversity. One is the Tambillo Jima rainforest (below).

Trying to save it from destruction

We are looking for people compromised with the natural world that can help us show the world the beauty of nature and why it is so important to preserve it for the future generations.

An endangered hummingbird under attack

We are asking YOU to work for it, by sending us your best shots to our group + Outdoor Photography +, "The group that SAVES WILDLIFE with pictures" , devoted to collect the best images of the natural World in a global effort to save wildlife with the help of concerned photographers from all around the World.

This group is linked to our Photography Portal Images4Life.org, which keeps the world informed about our fight to save wildlife and our projects. You can visit our website and see what we are doing at:
Images 4 Life
4:35PM, 19 March 2009 PST (permalink)

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