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Ratatusk ADMIN September 30, 2010
This group is for contests in both flora & fauna

Please Read / Por Favor Leer : Rules / Reglas.
Max 10% man made objects in the frame.

Contest rules are outlined in the thread.
Top 3 place winners will be entered into our GOLD group, with a monthly contest.

Any member can vote.
1st, 2nd, and 3rd place voting procedure.
1st place = 3 points, 2nd = 2, and 3rd = 1

Invite codes and HELP at the bottom of this page

Group Description

Only true wildlife (Fauna & Flora) allowed.
Caged or contained animals are not allowed. For them to be "wild" they need to be able to survive on their own, in their natural habitat, without ANY human interaction.
PLEASE read the rules in the Group Rules section.

Why this group?
I've entered a bunch of contests and I always have to compete against photos taken in a ZOO environment or other easily controlled environment, which is ridiculous to compare since the conditions to succeed are so different.

Invite codes and HELP found at the bottom of this page


(Winner of monthly Gold group contest)

Black sea split



First place with 10 wins:

Jessie (Slingher)

to Slingher's photostream page

Her Photostream

Second place with 8 wins:

Chris vd Merwe (chris.merwe)

to chris.merwe's photostream page

His Photostream

Third place with 6 wins each:

Debi Henshaw (digidiverdeb)

to digidiverdeb's photostream page

Her Photostream and her website:


CONTEST WINNING PHOTOS presented below. Last ten winners with the latest winner first.

YELLOW by digidiverdeb


FELIFORMIA by chris.merwe
Male Portrait


RAYS & SKATES by Roland Cain
Fiddler Ray - Montague Island


BROWN by Réjôme
Tarsier (Tarsius tarsier)


BLUE by Andrey Narchuk




and Roland Juvyns


SPRING by Signe09
oh baby


LINE UP by Digidiverdave
Bumper Train #1 (Bolbometopon muricatum)


CUTE by digidiverdeb
Hey cheeky face!


Help us make this group grow

INVITE other Flickr members to post their wildlife photos to this group by copying the code below (between the long lines) into the persons comments section:

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Result is this:

We would love having your photo posted to the Wildlife Contest group.

Wildlife Contest


To comment on photos in this group

Please use the code below (between the long lines) when commenting a photo in this group:

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Result is this:

Wildlife Contest
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H E L P section

How to post a photo to a contest:
- Above your photo, on your photos main page, there is a menu with an "ALL SIZES" button. Click on it.
- A new page with your photo shows up.
- On that page, in big red letters, you will see the text "Available sizes" and to the right of it you can chose in which size you want to see the photo.
- Under the photo you will find a code under the number 1.
- Copy all of that code and paste it in the comments section of the contest thread.

Rules in ENGLISH

Reglas en ESPAÑOL

Group Rules


NOT allowed:
- Any photos of Caged or Contained animals will not be allowed. Only photos of wild animals allowed. For them to be "wild" they need to be able to survive on their own, in their natural habitat, without ANY human interaction.
- NO Domesticated animals, be it Captive or Wild unless pre approved by Admins/Mods.
- Heavily modified photos are not allowed. For.ex. blending photos together.
- Humans are not allowed to be part of the composition.
- Man made objects may not occupy more than 10% of the frame.

- Any minor editing is allowed. For.ex. sharpening, contrast, color, minor cloning, etc.
- Flora does not need to be wild.

IF your are unsure, please contact one of our administrators or moderators for a decision on a specific photo.


NO permitido:
- Fotos de animales cautivadas o enceradas en zonas no son permitidas. Solamente fotos de animales salvajes son permitidas. Para que sea "salvaje" el animal tiene que poder sobrevivir por si mismo, en su ambiente natural y sin influencia humana.
- Animales Domesticados, sea en Cautivo o Salvajes, no son permitidos, a menos que un administrador o moderador lo ha acceptado.
- Fotos extremamente modificados.
- Seres humans parte de la composición no son permitidas.
- Fotos con objetos hechos por el hombre que cubran mas de 10%.

- Editación menor de fotos es permitido. Por ejemplo el uso de clonación menor, afilación, contraste, etc.
- La flora no tiene que ser salvaje.

Si no estas seguro sobre una photo, por favor contactar administrador o moderador.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 6 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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