jumpy quartz [deleted] 9:13am, 6 August 2009
At the age of 75 I'm still very much into wildlife photography after some 30 years, and was awarded a 'Licentiateship' by the Royal Photographic Society some 15 years ago for my wildlife shots. Though remaining a member of the RPS now-a-days is far too expensive, so I can't officially use the initials LRPS after my name. Not that I ever did.
Now-a-days it's just a hobby, but back then I used to work as a freelance photographer, mostly wildlife, and had many an article published, along with my photos, in various photography and natural history magazines.
Equipment: Nikon D-50. Nikon 18-55mm lens. Nikon 55-200mm lens. Sigma 400mm lens. Sigma 1.4 x extender. Plus tripod and monopod of course and a Shoulder Stock for those 'on-the-wing' shots.
Location: South Devon. England.
full quartz [deleted] 9 years ago
gr8!!! good to hear you are still as enthusiastic as ever!!
keep it up !:)
good taste [deleted] 7 years ago
Simply amazing, Im 19 years old moved from Dorset England to Canada. There is hope for me yet to make it as a wildlife photographer in the world today!

None of my images that i know of have been published yet but i hope that someday i might get lucky and get my dream career of the ground. However there is a downside to me starting at a young age, im currently working for a fashion company as an assistant photographer, because of my young age they will not promote me and will continue to take advantage of my creativity.

What was it like working as a wildlife photographer in England?.
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