virt_ PRO 4:59pm, 9 May 2010
As flattering as it may seem I find this odd to see quite high number of views (over 70 within an hour) for few of my photos coming from this group. I didn't just upload those photos - there were uploaded more then a week ago (so I doubt it's Explore views, plus they are coming from group) and in addition - I have some other photos in this group but they are not getting this strange increase.

Anyone else seeing this strange behavior?
Sharkcookie PRO 8 years ago
I also saw a big increase in views yesterday and partly today, but not from this group. In my case it's not photos from this group. I'm not sure where it comes from.
sax_barefoot 8 years ago
i have a picture that is on this group that ll of a sudden got a very high volume and none of the others in that area of the stream have gotten any
Happy Tinfoil Cat PRO 8 years ago
On your photo's page, click 'photo stats' and you will get a list of referrers. Clicking on one of the referrer links and you'll get the URLs.

There are many sites out there that will surf Flickr. For instance:
Some of these may hammer Flickr and give artificially high view counts.
zosterops PRO 8 years ago
Yes...I was just looking on here to see why some of my photos had such a surge in hits.
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