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Brie'sworldphotography 10:40pm, 1 July 2009
I have a photo that was stolen and it appears as though some other photos I have seen from this groups page where published @ this account as well.. Here is the link to my photo and you can view more of the photos from this date.

There was an extra title added .. The original photo was named "Gifts from Above" the difference in the tile name is now "Gifts from Above n-or where is child services"... Please as parents / and Guardians and even photographers we need to keep our photos that we publish and take our own..

Please Check to see if this person has stolen any of your shots

Here is the original photo from my Photostream

Gift from Above
spear of the nation 9 years ago
Whatever you were linking to seems to be gone but every other image on that site is blogged with a link directly back to the Flickr page. Not really stealing.
That's do to the fact I contacted the site and made them aware of the issue.. It was changed this morning.. It is however stealing if you do not give permission for any use for blogging or any other thing that could be possibly done to your photo.. My photos and especially the ones with my children are all rights reserved with license then copy right..

Here are the 2 emails I received back from the site:


This is just a quick note to let you know that we have received your support request. We try to respond to every email we receive, but due to an increasingly high volume of feedback, there may be some delay. We appreciate your patience.

Lots of questions have already been answered in our Help section at

As always, it is our pleasure to assist in any way possible!

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That post has been removed.

Marc :-)

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