TexGeo PRO 3:15pm, 7 April 2009

We rented an inflatable water slide for my oldest daughter's birthday party. I'm looking for a good format to capture the action of each of the kids going down the slide. This is the first one I've put together. I'm just looking for thoughts or suggestions. Is anyone already doing something like this that you may be able to point me to?

Happy Tinfoil Cat PRO 9 years ago
The photo has been deleted.
exclusive pull [deleted] 9 years ago
Yep, not there, were asking for shooting tips
TexGeo PRO 9 years ago
Sorry about that, here is the link again:

Happy Tinfoil Cat PRO 9 years ago
The film strip looks like a good way. Another way would be to make an animated gif but I like the filmstrip better.

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